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AllianceBlock Extends Reach to 130 Blockchain Projects with CV Labs Partnership

The fast-growing compliant DeFi solution AllianceBlock is pleased to announce a partnership with CV Labs, a facilitator in the global blockchain ecosystem for the incubation of innovative projects. CV Labs works with over 130 startups from its headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and additional locations in Liechtenstein, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates Cape Town, South Africa.

The partnership is yet another milestone for both projects and a gateway onto further collaborations between AllianceBlock and the ecosystem that is associated with CV Labs. Both teams see potential in joint product development with other CV Labs associates and marketing initiatives in the DeFi sector of the blockchain industry.

‘The AllianceBlock Ecosystem combines the best of both worlds of traditional finance and decentralized finance, into a one-stop Ecosystem shop of trusted industry-leading partners and AllianceBlock solutions, connecting ecosystems across industry verticals.’

- Anders Christensen

By working together, AllianceBlock and CV Labs will be instrumental in the development of a robust DeFi infrastructure. They can provide new projects with the solutions they need to build efficient, compliant and innovative software applications. Thanks to CV Labs’ support and expertise and AllianceBlock’s reliable technical solutions, CV Labs’ vast network of startups stands to benefit from delegating key processes to AllianceBlock’s technology and focus on building the core of their value propositions.

What’s Next in Our Collaboration?

Next week, Rachid Ajaja is heading over to the CV Labs HQ in Zug, Crypto Valley, to record his expert insights for the CV Labs Blockchain Incubator. Rachid will teach young blockchain entrepreneurs about:

  • The pros and cons of TradFi and DeFi
  • How to bridge these two worlds
  • How AllianceBlock is creating this bridge with its product suite

Anders Christensen CMO and Head of Ecosystem of AllianceBlock will join the CV Labs Incubator as a mentor, where he will be helping program participants with community building and DeFi business advice.

About CV Labs’s Incubation Programme

CV Labs offers a one-of-a-kind, three-month Blockchain incubation program that takes place both in Zug — the heart of the Crypto Valley — and online in the form of workshops and webinars. Early-stage blockchain startups get the chance to develop their business idea and receive up to $125'000 in seed funding.

Startups learn from the most successful entrepreneurs, visionaries, experts, and mentors in the blockchain space and beyond — including Rachid and Anders.

About CV Labs

CV Labs is the heartbeat of Crypto Valley, Switzerland’s Blockchain hub. They help global start-ups, corporates and investors to leverage Blockchain technology and to transform their industries. As the international ecosystem builder of CV VC, they are an intrinsic driver of the fourth industrial revolution.

CV Labs drives CV VC’s international ecosystem by executing incubation & acceleration programs, developing events & summits, delivering advisory & reports, and providing co-working spaces.

About AllianceBlock

AllianceBlock is bridging the gap between decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi), by remedying issues that exist in both spheres and linking them more closely together. They see the future of finance as an integrated system in which the best of both worlds can work together to increase capital flows and technological innovation.

Building this future by bridging traditional finance with compliant, data-driven access to new decentralized markets, DeFi projects and ecosystem-scaling tools such as funding and interoperability. As such, they are building a next-generation financial infrastructure that aims to provide regulated financial entities around the world with the tools they need to seamlessly access the DeFi space.

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