Our Vision:
The Future of the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color

The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color is a coalition of change agents committed to improving the life chances of boys and young men of color. The Alliance includes youth, community organizations, foundations, and leaders in government, education, public health, and law enforcement.

We are a powerful movement that respects the rights of all communities to exercise their freedom. This intergenerational movement — led by youth and community leaders — advocating for race and gender equity across the life course includes bold coalitions and networks. We believe for this movement to flourish, we must be guided by the courage of those who have fought before and beside us. We must put love at the center of all we do on behalf of and in service to social justice and racial equity, particularly for those who are the most marginalized and negatively impacted by the legal and political systems, institutions, and structures we must transform. Our ongoing struggle will build power and promote healing, self-determination, unity, and liberation so that everyone can live as their full authentic selves.