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Feb 21 · 2 min read
Image courtesy of NASA via Unsplash

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Allinfra: all infrastructure, for all.

Allinfra brings access, choice and liquidity to unlisted infrastructure and environmental assets.

What is infrastructure?

We see infrastructure as the basic physical structures and facilities required for the operation of a society and its economy — think energy (solar, wind, hydro), transport (roads, tunnels, rolling stock, ports, airports), social (hospitals, schools) and environmental (waste, water).

How is it financed?

The contribution of the private sector to infrastructure investment has increased in recent decades. However many of the opportunities to invest in the largest, highest quality and most sought-after infrastructure assets exist in the unlisted, private market. Direct access to this market from an investor perspective is severely constrained for all but the largest institutional investors and asset managers.

Meet Allinfra

Allinfra has developed a technology platform that will reinvent the infrastructure market. Our approach stems from backgrounds in capital markets, renewables, and infrastructure. Having seen the inefficiency and exclusivity in financing, direct ownership, and trading of unlisted infrastructure assets we’ve developed a solution that delivers the commercial and financial benefits of these assets to all.

Supported by ConsenSys and powered by Ethereum we are working to democratize infrastructure finance, allowing individuals to invest directly in the highest quality infrastructure assets globally, bringing the financial benefit of this low risk market segment to the masses and providing an alternative source of financing to qualified infrastructure asset developers, owners and operators.

The team

Allinfra is a team with expertise across asset structuring, capital markets, infrastructure investment and technology development. This broad experience gives us a unique perspective in the tokenization arena — our focus is not just on creating a more efficient and accessible market for infrastructure, but making sure that the only assets associated with Allinfra are of the highest quality in the space.

The benefits

We believe Allinfra will bring significant benefits both for those seeking to participate in infrastructure investment and those looking for financing. Access and choice, coupled with fewer intermediaries and a path to liquidity will deliver the investor greater opportunities. Direct access to a broader investor base will afford asset owners, operators and developers a deeper pool of alternative financing that over the longer term will hopefully bring down the cost of financing.

What’s next

Over the next few months you’ll see the release of our inaugural tokenization project. To stay up to date visit, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on twitter @all_infra.


Bringing access, choice and liquidity to global infrastructure.

Team Allinfra

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Bringing access, choice and liquidity to global infrastructure.

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