ALLIVE Officially Announced the Partnership with Ontology

On August 18, 2018, ALLIVE formally announced the partnership with Ontology at the Ontology Mainnet Seoul Launch. This event was a precursor to the Ontology mainnet launch event that is to be held in Tokyo on August 25.

ALLIVE&Ontology Partnership Announcement

ALLIVE is an exciting new project that aims to create a comprehensive healthcare services system that runs on the blockchain. The project will create decentralized, collaborative, frictionless, and secure healthcare applications for the healthcare industry and will be designed to function seamlessly with healthcare service providers, wearable devices, medical R&D institutions, medical financial services, as well as support groups to provide end-to-end and user-friendly healthcare experiences for everyone.

Tying together all of the many different data sources and data types involved in such an ambitious project is, of course, a huge undertaking. That is why ALLIVE is partnering with Ontology, a high-performance public blockchain project that leverages distributed trust networks, decentralized ledgers, and built-in smart contracts to facilitate the collaboration between different businesses and private actors. Ontology allows users to manage their own data from a variety of sources including public institutions, banks, businesses, family, colleagues, and friends, and allows this data to be tracked, traded, secured, and used in any way that the owner sees fit.

The co-founder and CTO of ALLIVE, Eagle Zhang

The Seoul event featured a special address by Mr. Eagle Zhang, the co-founder and CTO of ALLIVE, as well as high-level tech talks by founders and senior members of the Ontology foundation. Issues that were discussed during the conference included the importance and benefits of blockchain technology, recent developments in the space, and future trends and applications of blockchain in different sectors.

In his speech, Mr. Zhang discussed some of the problems plaguing the healthcare services industry and explained how ALLIVE can help tackle those issues. Some of these problems discussed included the high cost of healthcare management (which has reached unprecedented levels of USD 12 trillion annually), unsatisfactory outcomes of large healthcare providers, and the central problem of health data ownership. Data is of special interest to ALLIVE and Ontology because the partnership between the two organizations plans to use a data-centric approach to improving healthcare.

Eagle Zhang introducing ALLIVE

How will ALLIVE help to solve the existing problems?

By leveraging blockchain technologies and in partnership with Ontology, ALLIVE will create a decentralized platform for comprehensive and personalized healthcare. Its Olife module will build a private profile of an individual’s health data, Olivia will operate as an artificial intelligence healthcare provider, and Oleaf will connect everything together in a comprehensive healthcare service system.

There are numerous benefits to this approach. First of all, all of these systems will be encrypted, and they will help to break down the data silos that exist in centralized healthcare systems today. They will also help hospitals and healthcare clinics transition to a more evidence-based approach to personalized healthcare. Furthermore, Olivia, the AI module of the system, will combine medical knowledge with machine learning algorithms to provide improved care and medical diagnoses, that too at a fraction of the cost of regular healthcare professionals. This will allow ALLIVE to provide cheaper and more timely medical advice and consultation services to individuals, not just in hospitals and clinics but in their homes as well, saving ill patients from costly and inconvenient trips to the hospital.

Finally, Oleaf will tie everything together and will enable patients, doctors, insurance companies, caretakers, medical device manufacturers, and other stakeholders in the medical and healthcare services industries to work collaboratively using high-quality, reliable, secure, and accurate data.

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