3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Convertible Bag

Nowadays, people cannot live without their bags. Bags have been an essential meaning to carry our belongings, whether you are a man or woman. Do you know that a person owns six bags in average?

However, lifestyle products change really fast, and bags have seen a massive improvement. What used to be seen only as a fashion item started to grow as both fashion statement and community awareness, such as Anya Hindmarch’s “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” tote bag which promoted the act of reducing plastic bags consumption.

Now, let’s go back to the numbers. If a person owns six bags in average and if there were a convertible bag that can switch to different kind of bags, would you consider buying it? We think convertible bags are going to be the new trend in the future, so let’s check out reasons why you should buy a convertible bag now!

1. Convertible bags are practical

Just think of it. One bag that can change to several kinds of bags. Isn’t it amazing? With convertible bags, you don’t have to own several kinds of bags to fit your needs. You just need to change your bag style when you need it and you’re good to go!

2. Convertible bags have plenty of compartments and expandable areas

Most convertible bag designers know you will use their bags for more than one occasion. Therefore, they will always design more room in the bag or make several compartments for your belongings. For example, you can store your laptop in a bigger compartment and your car keys or purse in smaller areas.

3. Convertible bags are good value for money

Any frugal people here? This kind of bag is THE bag for you! Convertible bags are adjustable to several kinds of bags, so you don’t have to spend your money on different bags for your daily life.

Let the bag adjust to you, not you to the bag!

Speaking of convertible bags, you should know the newest convertible bag on the market: Flip. It is designed by Allocacoc, a Netherlands-based industrial design company. With Flip, you can own four bags in one: a backpack, a tote bag, a shoulder bag, and a purse. Simply adjust the integrated strap to get a style that suits your day. Pssst… they also install hidden zipper compartment to avoid pickpockets from nicking your belongings!

Start living a practical life by owning a convertible bag!

Click here for more information about the bag and how to get one!

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