Looking Back at 2016…

So we all stepped into 2017, welcoming it with the hope that we will achieve more this year. Let’s look back on how allocacoc did and what we have achieved so far.

1. New Branch Offices

Offices in Georgia, Indonesia and Japan

Since allocacoc was founded back in 2010, we have established a global development strategy, so far, our iconic product — the PowerCubes, have been sold in 82 countries worldwide. In 2016, allocacoc has set up a branch office in Japan, Indonesia and Georgia.

2. Advancing into Scandinavian, African and Latin American Markets

Scandinavia, Africa and Latin America

In 2016, allocacoc successfully developed sales channels in Scandinavian, African and Latin American markets. Namely in major consumer markets including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa and Brazil. Up to date, our business has covered 82 countries in 6 continents.

3. New Product Launch

AudioCube, PowerUSB HUB and PowerUSB Portable

After the success of PowerCube, allocacoc decided to take up a new challenge by diving further into the pool of consumer electronics and launched the audioCube, PowerUSB HUB and PowerUSB Portable. In June 2016, these new products made their first appearance in Asia’s largest international IT trade show, COMPUTEX. PowerUSB HUB and PowerUSB Portable also received their first recognition by winning the COMPUTEX d&i awards, hosted by TAITRA in cooperation with iF, an award honouring products that stand out through excellent design.

4. Pop-up Stores

Pop-up store

To increase brand awareness and connect better with the end consumers, allocacoc had set up a few pop-up stores in China, Netherlands and Poland. Take a look at one of our pop up stores in China. The whole theme of the booth is based on our company colour (teal blue) and brings the message that our products are designed in the Netherlands. More pop up stores to come in 2017.

5. DesignNest

Levit8 and DAX

DesignNest is a crowdfunding platform launched by allocacoc back in late 2015. It aims to help designers turn their ideas into realities by providing them with design knowledge, sourcing, production and assembly together with distribution and sales. So far, we have launched 2 projects: Levit8 and DAX wallet onto the market. 13 new projects were successfully funded in 2016 and will soon be launched onto the market as well, so stay tuned!

For more information, visit allocacoc.com and don’t forget to check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.