By U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III, MA-4

The tax bill that Congress passed this week will touch every American life.

It is a cruel reminder of the choices our congressional leaders have made. They’ve chosen inherited wealth over hard-earned income.

They’ve chosen executive profits over employees’ retirement savings.

They’ve chosen a massive, permanent gift to the richest corporations — paid for by mothers working double shifts, by low-income students struggling to get by, and by vulnerable Americans not getting the help they need.

Here is what comes next:

These same representatives — the ones who just added more than a trillion dollars to our debt with these unnecessary cuts — will claim that spending is out of control, and launch an attack on the programs that define our society as caring and open.

They’ll come for Medicaid, for education and food assistance, for Medicare and Social Security — programs that you’ve paid into, so that they’d be there when you need them, or when a friend or neighbor needed a helping hand.

And they’ll have the gall to call it “entitlement reform.”

It is shameless and morally reprehensible.

We cannot let it happen — and it will take all of us, starting now, to fight back. Millions of American families are counting on us. Get to work with OFA:

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