Good news

By Jason Kander, Former Secretary of State of Missouri

Five months ago, the administration announced the formation of the “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity,” appointing a group of advisors whose sole purpose seemed to be to disenfranchise as many American voters as possible.

Yesterday, they officially disbanded it — thanks in part to people like you, all across the country, who pushed back and stood up for what is right.

It’s a good day for our democracy, but this isn’t the last time we’ll see this administration try and suppress the right to vote — we have to remain vigilant.

Their sham commission was overwhelmed by lawsuits and legal challenges from groups that care about protecting our democracy. They were forced to disband it because we raised our voices and took grassroots action. Because we stood up and said “No.”

No, you can’t recklessly collect personal information about voters in this country. No, you can’t intimidate people out of the ballot box.

We will not stand by as politicians take away our most basic right.

Beating back these attacks is up to us. If we don’t stand up to voter suppression efforts at the local, state and federal levels, voters across the country will be disenfranchised.

We have to remain vigilant — say that you will:

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