OFA’s Next Chapter

By Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States

A few weeks ago, I reached out to tell you about a new chapter in our grassroots movement — a clearer focus on our fight against gerrymandering so that we can support fair elections and strengthen our democracy.

As part of that effort, I’m asking you to step up — just as you have done so many times before — to fight for our shared values. The All On The Line campaign may be a new home for this movement, but the work of grassroots organizing and the mission of perfecting our union remain the same.

On March 23rd, All On The Line will be hosting house parties all over the country — and I’m asking you to sign up to do the crucial work of organizing in your community.

Will you join our team today and show your support for this important work?

March 23rd is a special day not just because it’s All On The Line’s day of action, but because it marks the ninth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. As you know, millions of Americans have health care coverage today because of that law.

Yet that progress remains under attack by political ideologues who’ve sought to repeal the law without a replacement and from those who’ve refused to expand Medicaid in their states.

The truth is, gerrymandering makes it a lot easier for politicians to stand in the way of progress on health care. When politicians are voted into an unrepresentative district, they’re usually more concerned with a primary opponent than a general election.

That pushes political debates out to the extremes and away from the rational, reasonable solutions that most Americans support. It’s true on health care. It’s true on climate change. It’s true on gun violence. It’s true on making progress for working families.

I know that “redistricting” and “gerrymandering” sound awfully wonky. But fair districts couldn’t be more important to a functioning democracy. It’s the best hope for us to be able to honestly confront the many challenges we face. And with another round of redistricting slated for 2021, the work that we do over the next few years will shape the next decade of our politics.

This is our best shot to shift our elections away from the extremes and unlock possibilities on so many of the issues we all care about. Progress is on the line.

As citizens, we have a shared responsibility to shape the future of our democracy. It’s our duty to make sure our leaders match the compassion and decency of the American people. That’s what this fight is about and why I’m asking you to step up once again.

Join the team.