This is about our future

By Debra Messing, Actor and activist

My role as Grace on Will and Grace is the thing I’m second-most proud of. The first is being a mom.

And as a mom, I really care about the trajectory of our country. Because what we do right now has consequences for decades, even generations. It determines whether we’re a country that’s inclusive, compassionate, and tolerant.

Or not.

This week, Senate leaders are pushing for a vote on their Obamacare repeal bill. If it becomes law, the consequences will be disastrous. It would harm the millions of Americans living with pre-existing conditions; the women and families who depend on the essential services Planned Parenthood provides; and the children, the disabled, and the elderly currently getting crucial care through Medicaid — all to give a massive tax break to the wealthy.

Taking critical — even life-saving — coverage away from the people who need it most is not humane. And that’s why staying silent right now is not an option.

We have to protect each other. This isn’t some abstract issue. What happens this week could affect our parents, our children, and our friends who are bravely fighting illnesses.

We can’t turn our back on them, and the people elected to represent us shouldn’t, either. Make no mistake: We are fighting for the soul of our country right now.

If you agree that this catastrophic bill doesn’t reflect the future you want for this country, join me in speaking out with OFA:

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