This wasn’t about the middle class.

By U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, Ohio

On the Senate floor late Friday night, before this tax scam passed with 51 votes, I asked my colleagues a simple question: “If we want to cut middle-class taxes, why don’t we give a tax cut to the middle class?”

Not one of the 51 senators who voted for the bill answered me.

Senate leaders have tried for months to sell this as a “middle-class plan.” But they can’t pretend anymore. They know what the American people know:

These tax breaks aren’t going to workers, or to create new jobs, or to struggling Ohioans or Texans or Virginians. They’re going to corporate stockholders and executive bonuses.

Non-partisan estimates say that if this bill passes, it will add a trillion dollars or more to our deficit.

And when this same group of senators turns around, weeks or months from now, to decide it’s time to cut spending … they’ll do it by slashing the programs that so many Americans rely upon most: Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Some of them have already started threatening these programs, all so we can make the lives of billionaires and wealthy corporations a little easier.

It’s cruel, irresponsible, and morally reprehensible. I won’t stand for what it will do to Ohio and to our country.

I hope you won’t, either. Join OFA in calling for an end to this tax scam:

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