To immigrant families and those who support us

By Michelle Villegas, OFA Regional Organizing Manager

This week has been difficult for us and our families, and for all those who have been with us in this fight for justice.

Today, the administration announced the end of DACA, a program that has enriched our lives and allowed us outside of the shadows — where we are allowed to contribute to our country legally by working, studying, and serving in the military.

This administration’s decision is deeply hurtful and feels personal in so many ways — an attack on our dreams, our health, our safety, and our aspirations for a productive life. I want DACA recipients to know that it’s okay to feel disappointed that the White House has failed to uphold the core values of inclusiveness and opportunity that this country was founded on. It’s also okay to feel angry that we have to remind them of our humanity.

But I also want immigrant families — and all who support us — to know that while we should have space to feel angry, disappointed, and uncertain of the future … we will not despair.

We will not despair because we are strong, we are brave, and we are united in our cause. We will not despair because our parents brought us to this country to flourish in the American Dream. They risked their lives and sacrificed their own dreams for a chance at a better future for us. They believed in our worth, in our strength, in our creativity, in our drive, and in our ability to dream, to overcome, to grow, to create change, and to live our lives to the fullest.

We are seeds that cannot help but grow. We are dreamers with warrior souls. We are daughters and sons of farmers, iron workers, and seamstresses who make this country strong. And we will not despair, because this country — our country — is still the land of opportunity and freedom. We have come this far and we will not be frightened back into the shadows. We are proud of where we’ve come from, and we’re here to stay.

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