Who this hurts

By Jamie Lee Curtis, Actor and advocate

I’ve been lucky enough to spend my career portraying strong women.

But I’ve never seen the kind of strength that I have over the past few weeks — as women and progressive voices from all over the country work together to fight the Senate’s disastrous health care bill.

It’s made me so proud to be a part of this movement. And our work is paying off: Mitch McConnell announced this week that he’s postponed the Senate’s vote.

If this repeal bill passes, women everywhere will lose access to the care that Planned Parenthood provides. That means maternity care, contraception, domestic violence counseling, cervical cancer screenings.

Millions will lose coverage as Medicaid, which covers nearly half of all births in our country, is gutted. The uninsured rate for children — particularly those from low-income families — could skyrocket, leaving millions of kids in danger.

We need to keep up the pressure.

Call, tweet, rally, march. Everything helps. It helps because we’re all doing it, together, making so much noise that we can’t be ignored.

I won’t stop speaking out against it, and I hope you won’t, either.

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Originally published at www.ofa.us.