Hello everyone! As I always start my blogs with hello, how are you starting your 2018? I myself can not believe how quickly the time flew by especially after the 31st of December. I wanted to end this years message with 2 things I have learned during this camp which is the blog title.

Do you recall the different presentations from the camp?

I recall Coach Ryo's presentation 'Setting goals to achieve your dreams' If you have certain goals you want to accomplish you have to work towards them day in and day out. It is not going to happen for you overnight.

How about coach Sakai's presentation on how to fast track your skills by effectively taking down and reviewing your notes. Fast track meaning to be more efficient. We all have 24 hours in a day, it is how we use the time which makes a big difference.

As Pro Kaneko stated on his closing remarks, "There is no special formula to get you to the top or super shot that will defeat the opponent every time." It is the daily grind and how you practice that makes the difference. What we did at the camp is no different with what the pros do. But, the biggest difference between juniors and the pros is the level of focus and the ability to make adjustments right away.

Can't do it all by Yourself

I wish to thank every coach, every staff (Tepp & Nanjya Monjya) , every driver, every parent, and every junior for helping me throughout this camp. Without your support WE could not have accomplished this event together. In the picture above Khun Wee & Khun Karen along with the bus driver for the museum tour.

Thank you Mr. Llyod Wilson of Berkley International School for allowing us to use the 3 indoor courts this year. It did rain this year unexpectedly so we were very lucky to have these courts.

The security guard at Bangkok Patana school Khun Jom who opened up the gate for us every morning and turned on the lights for us every day. We Thank you!

The staff at Tepp Serviced apartment. Khun Jinnie, Khun Boy, Miss Jane (photo) who helped us feel safe each night. We Thank You!




Shinichi George Kidera

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