Never Give Up

'Never give up' defines a part what the allout beat tennis camp represents. Mentally and physically both on and off the court we go allout. When we hit a wall we do not give up, but find ways to persevere. The 81 juniors here for two weeks have the opportunity to be surrounded by great coaches, professional, fabulous facility, and beautiful Thailand weather to give it all their best and to go back home with tools which will allow them to excel day by day in 2018.

Mental Training & Mental Toughness

The first 3 days of this camp entails a lot of mental preparation and knowledge that forms the overall basis of the camp. The juniors need to learn how to think for themselves, how to apply the information, and how to make it their own.

All on the same page

Everyone no matter what age or level starts on the same page. For 14 consecutive years this practice routine allows for collective understanding.

On Court Input & Output

What we learn off the court is performed on the court by repetition. It takes time for the input to be able to automatically be output in a real game situation. Understanding the nature of the practice is most important to have meaningful practices.

Off Court Training

Dedication to the sport. Training after on-court practice. Just like professionals on tour who train day in and day out. The importance of instilling habit and routine.

And finally...



Shinichi George Kidera

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