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Civitech acquires Alloy data and technology

Alloy and Civitech issued the following press release today:

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Civitech Acquires Alloy Data and Technology

Progressive campaign management platform Civitech incorporating Alloy products to continue to power progressive campaigns to victory.

Austin, TX and Washington, DC — Civitech and Alloy confirmed they have reached an agreement to transfer Alloy’s innovative data platforms and technology, ensuring these tools continue to serve the progressive tech ecosystem and power progressive campaigns to victory. The integration of Alloy’s Verify tool and the voter file from Alloy’s Source product into Civitech’s existing suite of digital campaign tools will enable Civitech’s clients and partner organizations to leverage voting history, voter registration status, and other data both as stand-alone products and directly built into products such as Civitech’s CampaignOS.

Alloy’s data and technology will strengthen Civitech’s data platforms for the progressive tech ecosystem as 100,000 local down-ballot elections take place in 2021, and build on the progress made last year going into the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election cycle. By integrating Alloy’s data and technology into their products, Civitech will be able to offer more customers access to data in the same way that Alloy made data radically more accessible in 2020.

“Civitech was the ideal partner Alloy sought to ensure our tools and technology continue to provide insights and practical functionality for the benefit of progressive campaigns, and with a vision to continue to strengthen our democracy,” said Kendall Burman, Alloy CEO.

“As we’ve worked with Alloy to reach this agreement, we have had the opportunity to get an in-depth look at the impressive tools and infrastructure developed by the talented team at Alloy, and we’re excited about how they will complement the products Civitech offers its partners,” said Civitech CEO Jeremy Smith. “Functionally, this means that the campaigns we serve will have a faster, more reliable source of voter data, and that we can deliver it through an innovative API and directly through our campaign management platform.”

Civitech is a public benefit corporation that builds solutions and tools for progressive candidates, nonprofits, and state and local governments to engage voters. Alloy is a non-profit startup that built broadly accessible and affordable data infrastructure tools for progressive organizations.

During the 2020 election cycle, Civitech provided over 100 partner campaigns and organizations with tools that facilitate registering to vote, requesting a vote-by-mail ballot, and getting voters the information they needed to show up to the polls. Dozens of those campaigns already used Alloy data through Civitech’s suite of tools.

As a result of these efforts, Civitech and its partners registered over one million new voters across the country, including first-time voters, college students, and recent movers Civitech was able to surface through its own unregistered voter list. Civitech also helped over 500,000 voters across the country request a vote-by-mail ballot, and built a first of its kind online ballot cure tool to allow voters in Florida, Georgia, and Michigan to fix signature issues on their mail-in ballots.

Similarly, Alloy worked with 90 partners over the past year, including Civitech. Alloy’s partners ran nearly 23 million voter registration status checks through its Verify API before Election Day, and leveraged Alloy’s national voter registration file to mobilize voters, and support ballot curing in critical states and races.

Both Alloy and Civitech’s voter registration and vote-by-mail tools played a crucial role in the 2020 election, creating a more open and fair voting process for millions of voters across the country. This acquisition ensures that these important tools remain accessible to campaigns and organizations outside a presidential cycle.

“Georgia’s impact both at the presidential level and for control of the U.S. Senate highlights the need to equip progressives in all states and in down-ballot races with accessible data and tools to reach voters,” added Smith. “The tests to our democracy in recent weeks are a clear indicator that we need to expand the electoral map, and that starts by supporting campaigns at every level by making access to these tools radically affordable and radically accessible. Civitech’s acquisition of Alloy’s technology moves us firmly and quickly in that direction.”





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Luis Miranda

Director of Communications & Politics at Alloy. Ex White House aide for President Obama, ex DNC Communications Director, veteran of 5 presidential campaigns.

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