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Your company’s cap table matters — it’s who you’re making wealthy and powerful in the world

Squad’s $5M seed round was very diverse: yours can be too!

“In every other asset class, it’s the manager who picks the securities. In venture it’s inverted. It’s the security that’s picking the manager. Sequoia didn’t pick WhatsApp. WhatsApp picked Sequoia.”

Alex Bangash on The LP Perspective: Venture Stories

Why we should talk about the cap table more

Wealth inequality starts with equity inequality

Peter Thiel at the RNC in 2016 — via Time

The bigger the exit, the more power created

“Once you’ve been in business long enough, you will realize how much of it is about trust. It’s about trust because you want to compound interest. You want to work with trustworthy people for long periods of time without having to reevaluate every discussion or constantly look over your shoulder.”

Naval Ravikant on his podcast episode “Being Ethical Is Long-Term Greedy”

What our cap table looks like today

1) YC is huge so I just included our group partners. 2) For small funds I included both partners if we interact with both partners.
Squad — video chat + screen sharing



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