5150 — America on an Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

The US Constitution was created by the Federalists and was borrowed from many of the individual state Constitutions under the failed Articles of Confederation. Most notably was the Virginia Constitution, written by George Mason and others, as a framing part of the Bill of Rights. What is important here is to understand that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are different documents that were backed by different philosophies (some of which borrowed from Native American Tribes). The Constitution was written by the Federalists and proposed a larger Government to fix the issues with the Articles of Confederation that had a small Federal Government, smaller local governments and state mandated Constitutions. As states began to fail independently, mainly because of a lack of resources or established municipalities, many government officials felt that it was time to make a change and produce a stronger and much more overarching Federal Government. As the Federalists began working on the Constitution, the Anti-Federalists, worried about a bloated and Authoritarian Federal Government, argued that there was not enough representation and the State or Individual level. Anti-Federalist George Mason bitterly exclaimed that he “would sooner chop off my right hand than put it to the Constitution as it now stands.” So, he was given the task of drafting the first Bill of Rights with the help of James Madison and others, which, again, modeled from his own Virginia Constitution and Declaration of Rights.

By January 9, 1788, five of the nine states necessary for ratification (giving formal consent) had approved the Constitution — Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia and Connecticut. However, the results were uncertain in pivotal states such as Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia — all successful states under the Articles of Confederation. On February 6, with the Federalists agreeing to recommend a list of amendments amounting to a Bill of Rights, Massachusetts ratified both by a vote of 187 to 168. This was the “tide” that turn things towards where we are today with 33 Amendments (27 of which are ratified the requisite number of states) within the Bill of Rights as amendments to the Constitution that was put into operation on March 4, 1789.

A few weeks into a new government in 2017, the Dumpster and the GOP have threatened our Individual Rights and our forefathers are rolling in their graves. 227 years it has taken for us to get to this point and only a few weeks ago we were closer to what the forefathers had in mind. Between January 21 and February 6, 2009, President Obama signed 14 Executive Orders (he actually issued fewer EO’s than any President since Cleveland). His first was in regard to making Presidential Records available to the public. The last one, in this time period, was an order to use project labor agreements for federal construction projects. In between, Obama signed orders to ensure lawful interrogations, non-displacement of qualified workers, employee rights under federal labor laws and economy in government contracting — just to name a few. Between January 24 and February 6, 2017, the GOP went to work on various Acts and the Dumpster has signed 8 Executive Orders. The first was the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act (the one MANY voters didn’t realize was the same as “Obamacare” — oppps!). Number 8 is the “10 Core Principles” for regulating the US Financial System — not established core principles, but rather HIS core principles, which I cannot find any other reference to them or what they are, really. So, basically, we have an order that looks good on the outside, but fails to define EXACTLY WHAT these “core principles” are and what they represent. This seems to be the GOP’s practice — say something publically and never use that language in your Acts, Bills or Executive Orders and hope that the language is so confusing that no one will actually READ them. Thus, taking the garbage spewing from their collective mouths at face value. Nothing in politics can be taken at face value. In between the first and last Executive Orders the Dumpster signed in this time period are orders to build a wall between US and Mexico (in which the US Taxpayers will pay for), an Immigration Ban (the Dumpster’s Tweeted words, not mine), the ridiculous “Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees” (you read that right), and reducing environmental regulations.

We could compare Executive Appointees, but I really don’t need to for any rational person to see that we WERE “great” and we are becoming not so great. A complete contrast in what our Founding Fathers had in mind for the future of our Country and a government “for the people.” The irony is that many people voted for the Dumpster because they worried about a bloated, Authoritarian Federal Government and desired more rights to the States and Individuals. Looks like Obama did a better job of doing just that than the Dumpster has done, so far. Between the Executive Orders, “declaring war” on Sanctuary Cities, and an overall ineptitude to grasp the simplest of Presidential duties, we now have an Authoritarian in office with a Federal Government that is backing him up. The confirmation hearing for Department of Education Secretary DeVos ended in a 51–50 vote.

How appropriate. 5150 — our country is now on an involuntary psychiatric hold. It is not just the Dumpster either — it is the ENTIRE GOP. The party is to blame and the more I or “we” focus on the Dumpster the easier it will be for the GOP to remove themselves from him. So, from here on out it is not only the Dumpster, but rather simply the GOP. The GOP has the country on an involuntary psychiatric hold and NONE of them are off the hook until they stand up and leave the party lines behind.