What is AllSpark? Watch this 90-Second Explainer Video

Kevin Cook
Jun 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Not everyone has time to comb through an entire white paper when researching an interesting project. That’s why we’ve created this short explainer video to illustrate the capabilities of AllSpark.

AllSpark: reshaping the creation, delivery and value of information.

[Video script]

Users find it difficult to find quality content on the internet.

And artists, writers and musicians can not monetize their creativity.

All the while, advertisers struggle to monitor the success of their campaigns.

AllSpark is building a public blockchain to link all components in the production relationship between content creators, advertisers, and social media users.

Blockchain, smart contracts and a sophisticated feedback system stimulate the distribution of quality content.

For example, a musician uploads a song to the AllSpark platform.

His copyright is protected by digital identification.

As the song receives well-deserved attention, AllSpark tokens are paid for downloading and listening to it.

The artist earns and is interested in continuing his work.

If a user shares the song on a social network and his friends download the track, the author of the post gets a share of the musician’s income.

In another example, if an advertiser wants to use a creator’s work, the two can enter into a smart contract whereby the brand and creator agree to split all income.

Again, users who share this content on social media receive a dividend of the income.

AllSpark is not a decentralized app; it is a non-profit public blockchain with smart contracts that will cater to industry-specific DApps as they continue to emerge.

This way AllSpark helps to spread creativity: brands and individual creators do not need to pay for advertising because the work is shared by users, and regular users can profit from sharing the content they love most.

Allspark — reshape the creation, delivery and value of information.

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Connect With Us

✅ Website: http://www.allsparkchain.com

✅ Team Info: http://www.allsparkchain.com/team.html

✅ Telegram: https://t.me/allsparkchat

✅ Medium: https://medium.com/allspark-foundation

✅ Twitter: http://twitter.com/allsparkchain

✅ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/allsparkchain

🇬🇧 English Whitepaper: http://allsparkchain.com/pdf/AllSparkWhitePaper.pdf

🇨🇳 Chinese Whitepaper: http://allsparkchain.com/pdf/AllSparkWhitePaperC.pdf

🇰🇷 Korean Whitepaper: http://allsparkchain.com/pdf/AllSparkWhitePaperK.pdf

A public chain linking advertisers, content creators and…

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