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Talk: Building the Metaverse with IPFS at BuildQuest Summit 2022

Some weeks ago, we had the opportunity to speak at BuildQuest Summit on Gaming and Metaverse. BuildQuest was a 12 day long game and metaverse Hackathons with over $125.000 available as prizes.

The talk provided an intro to the Metaverse, showcased a technical framework for thinking about the Metaverse and discussed how to build a Metaverse app with IPFS and WebVR.

Key talking points

  • The Metaverse has been in the making over the last 30 years, and we will continue to develop it over the next decade.
  • Multiple challenges need to be overcome to enable the Metaverse vision in (1) content and experience, (2) technology, (3) privacy and identity, (4) workforce and skills, (5) governance, and (6) regulation.
  • is an excellent place o keep up with all the developments and get an overview of the technical metaverse landscape
  • Technologies across three layers are required to build metaverse applications (mApps): (1) experiences (e.g. Engines), (2) user capabilities (e.g. communication, avatar, identity, possession, value transfer)and infrastructure (e.g. connectivity, compute, geo-rep caches, interfaces)
  • Building a metaverse app is possible with IPFS and WebVR. We share an example of an immersive Mediation experience allowing people to relax and rewind. This experience supports guided and live mediation with friends.
  • A summary of key decisions made during the build can be found in the following image.

Follow us here or on social media — we will be releasing more articles on building the web of tomorrow, covering topics like Metaverse, Identity and Web3 more broadly. For example, we currently document how we have created an open Metaverse app with IPFS and A-Frame (WebVR).

See you in the Metaverse!



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