Jawai Bandh-The Wonderland In The Wild

The leopards roam around here free, 
The nature -as natural it gets,
The beauty of the surroundings being untamed.
Jawai Bandh with its pristine environment is a divergent and upcoming destination.

The little hamlet in Rajasthan has an undeniable aura which makes it one of its kinds.
The spectacular setting surrounded by mountains and rivers offers an amicable mix of both, along with its wild and raw landscape.
One can reach here by train, by bus or by flight.
This place is a pleasant change from the safaris offered to experience the enchanting wildlife in Corbett or Ranthambore

The unobstructed view of the surrounding can be enjoyed by living in the fine luxurious tents which offer you comfort at its best even in such a dramatic environment. 
From the sumptuous meals offered to the modern style tents, this place is India’s mini Africa.

One of its kind in India, these luxurious tents promises to offer you the best.

Private sittings, Hot showers, Steel & Leather furniture and a number of enriching therapies are some of the appealing qualities which travelers are impressed by.
Apart from enjoying the luxurious accommodation, one can have the time of their life by enjoying the beautiful flora and fauna.
One is most likely to see a great variety of species including Leopard, Jungle Cat, Hyena, Jackal, Languar, Wild Boar, Jungle Hare, Flamingo, Sarus Cranes, Pelicam .
These wilderness heaven is also a bird’s paradise with more than 170 different bird species.

Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate

When in the mood for the touristy stuff, one can travel to the Kumbalgarh Fort which is a UNESCO world heritage site. This place is known for being a perfect stop-over for a day or two when travelling from Udaipur to Jodhpur and experience the wilderness in a chic-style. 
When in mood of travelling to more touristy destinations one can go and experience these wonderland in the desert.
Travel in style and try something different these vacations.

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