ALLWIN, ALLSET, and What Happened to Second Wind Nation

JingZhi Chua
Jan 18 · 3 min read

If you’re from Singapore’s endurance sports community, you might have heard of my first startup, Second Wind Nation.

My team offered multisport media, coaching, and events services since 2015.

When the pandemic struck, we were badly hit.

Ultimately, for financial reasons, our three-man core team disbanded in the middle of a pivot. The split, which came during the circuit breaker period, was a tough decision for everyone.

All of us truly wanted to make things work, but it was simply not to be.

On hindsight, it was for the better.

  1. Our business model was no longer viable in the near term.
  2. Different skills were needed for the pivot.
  3. It’d be a few months before we would see profits again.

And so, after five years of building the company, I was back to square one.

Except that this time, I had the help of a few part-timers and friends who were also interested in my idea and/or believed in me.

The Pivot

We worked mindlessly on the idea, which was to create an android app with pose-recognition capabilities.

A few weeks into it, we decided to change our programming language to accelerate our development. Another few weeks later, we decided to scrape the app entirely and build our idea on the web instead.

The entire process was slow, filled with failures, and we were learning as we went along.

Thankfully, in September, we secured financial assistance from Sport Singapore through the Enterprise Innovation and Capability Development Grant.

With that, I went about building our core team again.


In the past quarter, the newly formed core team:

  1. Rebranded our personal training business to ALLSET, started offering physiotherapy services, and resumed some of our triathlon squad’s activities.

2. Launched ALLWIN beta, our web app which recognises pushups when you do them in front of your laptop or phone camera.

It’s the start of what we hope will be a more fruitful journey.

We envision our app helping physiotherapists, personal trainers, coaches, gym owners, and events better manage their clients online.

Exactly how, we hope to show you in the coming months.

We’re bootstrapping it through in-person services like physiotherapy and personal training. It might be a slower process than if we try to raise funds, but we have our reasons for doing so. For example, we find that it helps to be the first test users of our own app.

Ultimately, the new team’s mission is to make health services more accessible to everyone.

We still have a long way to go, but for a start, we are offering:

  1. Students 50% discount on physiotherapy and personal training services (usual price: $195).
  2. Newcomers 20% discount on the first physiotherapy and personal training session.
  3. All clients free physiotherapy or personal training session when they refer a friend/family.

While discounts do not stack, we encourage you to invest in your health and help spread the word.

These discounts are on offer for a limited time only.

Lastly, if you wish to contact us for further details, do check out the contact page on our ALLSET website for ways you can do so.

ALLWIN Services

Making health services accessible to everyone.

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