FAQ: Requesting and Roasting Samples

Ally Coffee
Oct 30, 2018 · 3 min read

There are two ways to order samples from Ally Coffee, the first is by contacting you Account Manager. The second is to fill out a Sample Request form by selecting coffees from our website, and the Account Manager in your region will follow up regarding your request.

Can I order roasted samples?

Yes! Please indicate this to your Account Manager or in your Sample Request form. See also our helpful guide to types of green coffee samples.

Do you have profile recommendations for sample roasting coffees?

Yes, our Quality Control teams in the EU (Gothenburg, Sweden) and the US (Greenville, SC), along with your Account Manager, can help advise on the best profiles for roasting green coffee samples you receive from Ally. In our labs, we roast on Probat barrel sample roasters and also on the Ikawa fluid air electric roaster.

Let your Account Manager know which coffees you require sample roasting advice for and we will help you nail a sample roast reflective of the coffee’s cup profile. Please note, however, that all sample roasting equipment is different and sharing roasting profiles is a form of guidance rather than a recipe for the sample roasting process.

Can you share point scores for coffees on offer?

Cup scores, while widely used in the specialty coffee industry as an indication of quality, are still a subjective metric. We cup coffees at the offer, preshipment, and arrival stages (see Green Coffee Sample Types and Terms); at each stage different members of our buying, quality control, and sales teams cup coffees depending who is present for each session based on seasonality and travel. See the tasting notes for each coffee on our website.

We aim to be thorough and consistent when sharing coffee quality information, and, because different members of our participants in each cupping session due to travel schedules, we are not able to provide cup scores that reflect the scores of the same evaluators (and sample stages) for each coffee we offer. Your Account Manager can provide a score range or the notes from the most recent session in which a coffee was cupped, but we do not assign singular point values to our offerings on our website.

Suggested Tips

Take notes! It is just as important to record the roast used to evaluate a sample as it is to record the final results of cupping it. Sample roasting is part of the evaluation process; beans will tell you a lot about themselves during the roast process as well as during their cupping.

Practice! Roasting in small volumes is different than roasting a full production batch. Green coffee sample material is very expensive, as it often includes air-freighted offer and preshipment samples and expedited arrival samples sent at high costs to producers, exporters, and to us. Please do not waste precious green coffee sample material learning to use your equipment. Take a coffee you are familiar with and practice roasting it on your sample roaster to see how it is affected by small changes such as higher or lower charge temperatures or extended/reduced roasting times of even several seconds.

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Ally Coffee

We are a team of farmers, traders, writers, baristas, and educators moving coffee forward. www.allycoffee.com

Ally Coffee

Written by

Ally Coffee

We are a team of farmers, traders, writers, baristas, and educators moving coffee forward. www.allycoffee.com

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