Double Crisis

Is Ministry of Finance implicated in Alma crisis? Ministry of Finance has just posted a press release.

The Alma crisis, is getting bigger and bigger as the Ministry of Finance is the one that chose and pay the hotel where the ambassador stayed in and the one that established the competition, by which Alma Company have been choosen to cooperate with the hotel as long as the group of Eupean Central Bank will stay.

The case concerns the food poisoning by which suffered the head of the European Central Bank Mr Thomas Vandermild after his presence at a conference held at the hotel MELIA and consumption of products from the catering ALMA. ALMA Company disclaims the responsibility of this incident in any case, claiming that they have gone throught all certification tests and it was not their fault.

As part of this incident, the Ministry of Finance has conducted a number of researches in order to find out the truth.

It is important to note that application control has been performed by the catering hygiene and raw materials and that they wait the results.The aim of the Ministry of Finance, as stated, is to keep citizens calm, their awareness in case they have new data and finally find the real reasons that caused the crisis.

“As a Ministry of Finance we asure the upgoing incident and therefore we have already claimed that the essential checks will be carried out from the catering, not only in hygiene standartds but also as far as raw materials are concerned. We are in cooperation with the company, and wait for the results of tests to ascertain the causes.”

Klairh Kanaki Stefi stampoulian pkarvounidou D_avgerh

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