Mr Vadermilds mysterty still is going on :What the Ministry of Finance has to say

A lot of scenario have been on the display about the case of the ambassador Vandermild and his food poisoning .However nothing seems to solve this issue , since we’ll be able to have in our hands the medical results . At this point , the Ministry of Finance has revealed another press release to which they support their position as hard as they can .

It is true that the Ministry of Finance at this very moment is in a great danger of causing a bad image to itself with all these accusations of terrorism .So many problems to deal with and that would be another one on the list . To be accurate the press release says that all the security measures had been taken in corporation with other national bodies such as Greek Police and the Antiterrorism and to both staff and hotel’s facilities were under control.

“From the time the echelon arrived at Greece ,huge security measures were taken .During the transportation there was an escort of specialists police officers and there was no sign of a threat .At the same time there were conducted further inspections to both staff and facilities of the hotel were they would stay in order every possible problem to be declined.”

So according to these facts we assume that they get rid out of their backs the fact of a possible terroristic strike , trying to cover themselves . Still there are some questions in this story ,that need to be answered .The Ministry of Finance claims that they had the most appropriate security system they could possibly had , including the cameras .However no one can quarantee the fact that during the food preparation or even during the transportation from the food preparation to the hotel no one was there to poison some specific pieces of food .

A case that as it seems it’s difficult to come up with an end. Let alone now that a lot of things are on the game and each side is trying to maintain her ‘clean’ image as much as possible .

Klairh Kanaki Stefi stampoulian pkarvounidou D_avgerh