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The Alma Case coming to an end… soon.

11.01.2017 We informed that everything is ok with the checking results that the hotel ran yesterday to the food of the catering and the hygiene situation of their stuff. Some Greek organization like( EFET, General chemical laboratory of the state) checked scholastic the food that the hotel’s restaurant serve and no pathogenic microorganism were found. Also, no one from the stuff had health problems or other disease. Also, we are informed that the ambassador is better with his health from the food poisoning that he had. Maybe the food poisoning of the members of the European central bank were came from terrorist attack.

What we did (role play: social media journalism)
 To start with….
 After the spread of this information, the Alma Company has posted a press release to inform us about the incident. The Greek Ministry of Finance, has also released a press release sent to our channel mail to make clear its placements.
 When we (skai news) have heart about the news, we prepare some questions and immediately communicate with Alma company. The company does not answer with sincerity in our questions about their relationship with the Ministry of Finance , the competition and the real factor of the poisoning happening.

Question for the Alma company:
· Is there any chance a third person to enter the kitchen in order to poison the foods ?
· In which level does the entrance and exit are under control?
· What kind of measures are you taking in order to avoid this kind of emergencies ?
· Do you have stable cameras recording what’s happening from the kitchen to the entrance of the restaurant ?
· Do you know the historic of your employees ? If someone wanted to poison the chiefs by adding a substance in their foods during the procedure of making the food?
· Doe the charger checks during the working hours the job of the employees and if they do it properly ?Have you come in contact with him after the event ?
· What’s your relationship with the Ministry of Finance ?
· By which criteria have you won the competition for the restaurant’s catering ?
· Maybe the judges are connecting with the catering company ?

Mrs Evi Sidiropoulou the spokesperson of the Alma catering claim that ‘’ It wasn’t our jurisdiction to put cameras in order to check the situation that prevails daily to the hotel either to check the food that the hotel provides to the customers ‘’. ‘’What we did is only to cook the food and give it to the caterings cuisine. After that we don’t know what is happening’’. 
 Generally, The Alma catering avoided our questions putting all the blame to the hotel’s management. It seemed like a good idea to ceate a scandal based on the fact that they avoid question or answered half the question. 
We also, get in touch with the Ministry of Finance, and it was given to some information about their beliefs of the food poisoning. They believe that ambassador poisoning and it’s member came from gastroenteritis disease. 
To end…
 Also, we did a tv report as skai news channel outside of the Melia hotel ,where the food poisoning happened and also, went outside of the Ministry of Finance for daily tv report too.

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