Playing the “Alma” game.

Whats the relationship with Alma catering and financial Forum?

Lots of scenario have been rumored on the display about the food poisoning of Mr. Thomas Vandermild and the other member of the group of European Central Bank. The Alma catering claims that maybe this happened because the ambassador have eaten another meal before consuming food from their catering. Maybe the previous meal poisoned him. But why the Alma catering yesterday avoided making any other comments about the poisoning happening apart from the press release? The Alma catering avoid giving answer about the checking food into catering’s laboratories and at the same time paraphrase the question, mentioning the poisoning happening at the hotel. So, what happened during the food preparation inside the catering’s laboratory until the food arrived to the hotel? Here there is a gap! Also, they claim that maybe the ambassador had health problems which drive him to this situation.

It is important to mention that , today the catering declared that has checked the food and no pathogenic microorganisms were found. Not only the food checked but also, the stuff ran a health examination in order to improve that everything with it’s health is ok and no microorganism can transfer from them to the food that the restaurant provide to the public. This happened in order the hotel’s restaurant show to the public that observe the hygiene rules . But what happened with the second member of their team who got poisoned? Is it also a chance? What a coincidence…

What is that the Alma catering want to hide? Who is responsible for this situation?

Why the catering is avoiding answering questions and they think that the hotel is the one that have gaps in the security? The catering claims that they choose very scholastic the stuff which make the food and provide it to the hotel.

As fas as their relationship with the Financial Ministry is concerned they claim that they have very good relationship and get into contact all the time . The Financial ministry evaluated the Alma’s catering win of the competition and all the judges were stand for this catering.

Are there any economical or other interests between Financial ministry and Alma catering? 
 Maybe this is the reason why the Alma catering won the competition.

Stefi stampoulian Klairh Kanaki D_avgerh pkarvounidou