Terrorism attack or just a fault?

Is Alma company selected a priori? How does the Ministy of Finance respond to the posibility of a terrorism attack ?

A lot are going on theese days, concerned the Alma situation. Mr Thomas Vandermild and one more member of the mission of European Central Bank to our country, are facing the same symptoms provoked from food poisoning after eating from Alma Catering at Melia hotel, which is payed by the Greek Ministry of Finance.

Lots of question have been heard about the relationship between the Alma Company and the Ministry of Finance. It is known that Alma Company have won to a competition and that was how it was picked to serve the food at Melia hotel. The competition was conducted by the Ministry of Finance and afterwords, those two events have took place. What was the previous connection and relationship between the company and the ministry? How are they connected?

The Ministry has already made statements about the insident. The person responsible for the press release have said that the Alma catering was a company that was in their favorite list they prefer this catering instead of others. It is obvious that Alma Company (in cooperation with Melia hotel) was in a profitable position, while the competition was condusted.

Therefore, if we take into consideration the political situation and the degraded relationship between citizens and politicians, and also the fact that Alma catering and the Ministry of Finance does not take the blame, there is a posibility that the food poisoning is connected with terrorism actions.

However, the Ministry was clear that the security was really strict at the hotel and they refuse any chance of terrorism.

“The chence of a terrorism connection with the fact is impossible, as we have taken all security measures, during the stay of the emissaries in our country. Eventhought, we will examin all possible scenarios and we have already communicate with the competent authorities.”

D_avgerh pkarvounidou Stefi stampoulian Klairh Kanaki