True or false: the Alma case

Are the rumors real? Is there a second incident? How does the company act?

After the official Alma Press Release on food poisoning the company admitted it that they were informed about the two incidents on Monday 9 January 10:00 pm and on Tuesday 10 January 12:00 am in Melia Hotel.

To begin with , the Alma acted in the most proper way .They tried to figure out what is going on to both incidents .They did what they had to do !

In other words they contacted with the doctor and started checking the products which were actually all clean as they say ,with no reason to cause such an incident.

“In order to make sure that everything funtions well and that its not our blame we checked and confirm that the health conditions and working conditions inside the hotel was also the proper and we were confirmed that everything worked perfectly.”

At the same time there has been no similar event in Zurich as the company’s headquarter revealed ,and according to the suppliers there has been any exposure of the products in unsuitable conditions.

“There has been also a contact with our suppliers who confirmed that both the general and the internal company control system and the HACCP system functions properly without being presented any suspect material trace.”

However ,it seems strange the fact that in a company of that level has come up with a fiasco like that .If there were supposed to be a trust worthy company ,would they have to justify themselves like that? Until now these are the only clues we have .

One thing is for sure, that the time can exposure the truth and no one can hide from it .

Stefi stampoulian pkarvounidou Klairh Kanaki D_avgerh

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