What is hiden behind the food poisoning of the member of ECB?

After the first incident concerned the member of European Central Bank that is a victim of food poisoning after eating from Alma Catering Company everything seemed to be alright .

The catering ALMA mentioned that might wasn’t their fault and they claimed that there were other factors that caused this sickness. So the situation seemed to be clear.

The Ministry of Finance on the other hand, that was the one that selected and payed for the accomodation of the members of European Central Bank, has posted at a press release claimed that it is asked to the Alma Company to conduct hygiene and raw materials checks and they are waiting for the results.

But the next day something gone wrong. The day after the hotel refered to another incident of food poisoning with the same symptoms to a member of the same team of European Central Bank. It is difficult to figure out how and why that happened to a catering with such a good reputation and it is really surprising that they denied giving any information, even after insisting on it. Anyone could say that such a fact can’t be coincidental.

We have to take into consideration that the unstable situation existing in European level, the economic crisis that Greece is facing and the negative reaction that citizens og Greece have towards their politics. It is obvious that the food poisoning of Mr. Thomas Valdermild, member of European Central Bank, that have visited Athens on the terms of the second evaluation of Greek Economy raises questions about the incentives of the fact.

It’s actually really strange and suspicious that after the first incident every involved one seemed quite willing about giving information and after the second one there are no comments or answers to questions.

So, what’s behind this story? Is it something we might shouldn’t know about? What should we speculate about this hide and seek ?

D_avgerh Klairh Kanaki pkarvounidou Stefi stampoulian

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