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Application of Data Science in Ed Tech Industry

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” — John Dewey

Data Science has spread its branches through several fields of the world today. It has emerged out as a global phenomenon that has revolutionized industries and has increased their performances substantially.

In this blog, I am going to explain some applications of data science in the Ed Tech industry.

“Education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world” — Nelson Mandela

So let’s start with the understanding of the term Ed Tech.

What Is EdTech?

EdTech is a combination of two words “education” and “technology” which refers to new technological implementations in the classroom. The goal of EdTech is to improve student outcomes, enhance individualized education, and reduce the teaching burden on instructors.

“Tech gives the quietest student a voice.” — Jerry Blumengarten

Ed Tech industry was booming day by day but the Covid pandemic has also accelerated investment and adoption of ed-tech in education and this industry has seen a sudden jump. Data Science is also playing a vital role in Ed-Tech industry.

Data Science is transforming the Ed Tech industry in the same way the internet transformed consumer commerce. Other than the business impact that data science provides Ed Tech businesses to help improve the product and processes, data science empowers the students at the core in two critical areas understanding their areas of strength and weakness and helping them discover new opportunities.

Let’s see some applications of Data Science in the Ed Tech Industry.

Application of Data Science in Ed Tech Industry

  • Data Science is allowing Ed-Tech companies to design more personalized eLearning courses. If Publishers get to know how their learners are acquiring information and what works best for them, in terms of content and delivery, it will result in more personalized and engaging eLearning courses. Based on this, modules can be customized to meet the individual needs of the learner that will offer better quality and more meaningful learning experience.
  • Data Science in eLearning gives a view of which eLearning strategies are working and which ones aren’t helpful in terms of eLearning goal achievement. e.g., one can determine which eLearning courses/modules are contributing to skill development and which eLearning courses/modules are irrelevant.
  • With data science ed-tech companies can track a learner from start to finish i.e. they can see how well learners performed on a test or how quickly they finished a challenging eLearning module.
  • Data science provides eLearning professionals with invaluable feedback that can be used to identify where the learner and the eLearning course need improvement. e.g. If a learner is able to get an insight into where he/she fell short while taking the eLearning module or course, he/she can figure out how to rectify the issue moving forward. Moreover, if the teacher/instructor observes that the majority of the students struggle with a particular module or course, he/she can make adjustments to improve learners’ performance.
  • Ed Tech giants are using data science to inform instructors of emerging topics where learners may be looking for more content by analyzing learner search data across the site to find trending topics and new areas where learners are looking for additional courses.
  • They are creating personalized learning paths for students and predicting & solving their ‘real’ learning challenges with the help of data science.
  • They have employed recommendation algorithms as well as ratings and reviews just to ensure learners get the right content from the right instructor at the right moment.
  • They can store and manage unstructured data like student reviews on a big data platform. And, with NLP, it is possible to analyze the sentiments of the reviews and provide a comprehensive analysis of teacher performance.

Data science has a diverse role in the field of education. I have mentioned a few of them here. Data Science has revolutionized every sector and has brought a positive change to scenarios. In the same way, it is improving the Ed Tech sector. There are still a lot of scopes left in this industry and a lot of researches is going on.

This is the end of the blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

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