Self-imposed “Sabbatical” — What the Fork?

So — indeed — I did quit my job on Inauguration Day and in the past month, read books, created my website, watched TV, and spent time with my family. Such a nice extended vacation but …

What the FORK am I supposed to do next? During the summer 2015: I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Colon Cancer, underwent surgery to remove the tumor, and then went through chemo ending in February of 2016 with all the “ughs” in between. However I was excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel when all of the sudden, BOOM — I ended up being on the “deathbed” for a week due to a pulmonary embolism followed by a 2-month hospital stay and a summer of recovery/physical therapy (all this before age of 45).

NOTE: I am now absolutely alive and kicking — walking, biking, swimming, and so forth. I even gained back 30 pounds which was lost in the hospital. The latest round of tests show no evidence of cancer or clots so far. I owe a special thanks to the great doctors at John Hopkins as well as my beautiful health insurance (thanks Obama!). Also, I want to give a shout out to all of those who were there for me — THANKS!

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Meaning …

Artificial intelligence. Digital Health. Accessibility Technologies. Design Thinking. Y Combinator. Universal Basic Income. Why in the heck would I leave my job and more importantly, one of the most impactful projects I have worked on? There’s so much to learn and be curious. How do I choose my next moves in my life?

Answer: Sabbatical!

I simply want to see what’s out there — meet people from different walks of life starting with my travels to the west coast for the whole month of March and perhaps to Central America later in the Spring, do some advising, and what President Obama does (reading and honing my writing) using you all as my dear critics.

Do check my website but follow my blog here …

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Exploring ….

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