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Note from the editor

I was born in Israel on a hot summer day during 1974 (Strangely enough, the Yom Kippur War ended about 9 months earlier … so you get the picture … husband goes to war … husband comes back from war… all of the testosterone is boiling etc … — lets move on). As a kid I had a normal life (normal is a matter of definition, but trust me on that one). I got my first computer when I was 11 years old (an Apple II C), and that’s when I fell in love with programming. I went to high school , studied Chemistry as my main area of focus, and served 3 years in the army (no, I did not shoot at or killed anyone). At the age of 26 I met the love of my life — my wife (god bless her awesome mother), and we moved to Vancouver, BC Canada, shortly after (with the rest of my family).

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