Prepare for 2015 start next year on the right foot (updated for 2016)

Alon Sabi
Alon Sabi
Dec 25, 2014 · 7 min read

Prepare for next year BEFORE it begins. Clarify your goals and objectives.

It is a liberating process. Try it !


There is a song I like called “Road to nowhere” that I think is appropriate for this blog …

“Well we know where we’re goin’
But we don’t know where we’ve been
And we know what we’re knowin’
But we can’t say what we’ve seen
And we’re not little children
And we know what we want
And the future is certain
Give us time to work it out”

Planning a whole year will take more than 10 minutes …
Allow yourself a few hours at least to go through this process. It usually takes me a day or two. I found that the time between Christmas and new years is a good relaxing period to go through this process.

First thing first … lets do some reflection on last year (where we’ve been):

  • Reflect on the previous year — Record everything that stands out for you

Now that we know where we’ve been, lets explore where we go … but before we can do that, lets figure out “who we are”:

  • What is your mission? — write it down … If you never thought about your mission before, ask yourself … why am I doing what I’m doing? why do I wake up every morning? what drives me to do the things that I do, what is my bigger purpose in life? this may sound very strange if you never thought about yourself in those terms. If you are not sure, simply write the things that come to your mind, and revisit them at the end of the process, it may become clearer by that time.

Now that we know where we’ve been , and who we are, lets take a look at where we go …

  • Ask yourself what your vision looks for the next 5 years? your vision is a reflection of your life as you see it if everything was going according to what you want, what would a complete success in your life look like in five years? Write it down as a narrative, it should probably be one or two pages long (the more the better, it will allow you to connect to it better).

Next steps:

The approach outlined in this blog will provide you with a framework to plan next year. The trick will be to actually execute on this plan. What I’ve learned over the years was that just the act of thinking about it, and writing it all down makes a difference in my life.

Make yourself a habit of reviewing your projects and action lists every week, mark completed items, establish next actions, and complete projects. Those activities will take you closer and closer to your 5 years vision.

Review your roles every 3 months, and refine the list of projects accordingly based on changes in your life (new work, a new family member etc).

Review your goals every 6 months to make sure no major changes occurred … if something change, adjust accordingly.

Repeat this exercise on a yearly basis. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast you will be approaching your perfect world vision.

Know where you’ve been, where you are and where you go ! you will guarantee a fulfilled and round life style for yourself.

Have a great new year !

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