Aloompa Innovation: LIVESTORY™ debuts at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

We’ve been to a lot of festivals over the years. One thing we’ve noticed is that it can be difficult to recall exactly what you did and which artists you saw over the course of a weekend, even without any “extra curricular” activities involved. There are always those artists you planned to see. Of course, group dynamics and last minute audibles are at play throughout. So when the first question asked in the office on a Monday morning is, “who did you you see?”, there isn’t always a clear answer.

Fast forward to this summer at Bonnaroo, where utilizing our Presence platform we developed an innovative way to leave the recording of the festival experience in the faithful hands of this new feature. Using more than 300 beacons deployed at the festival, we were able to associate an attendee with a specific event and behavior at the festival in real time. Curated artist imagery and music were correlated to the attendees behavior and then added to their unique timeline — their very own LIVESTORY™. The feature could then be viewed in Bonnaroo’s mobile app along with the ability to stream a playlist of the artists and share the playlist with your friends, among other unique features.

Needless to say LIVESTORY™ cleared up a lot of questions for anyone who may have had difficulty recalling brief or extended periods of time onsite at The Farm. More importantly though, it became a fresh new way for any attendee to look back on, appreciate, and share their unique festival experience, which was the goal of Bonnaroo’s Jeff Cuellar:

“We’re continually working to enhance the attendee experience and we pride ourselves on creating fan first integrations not found at any other festival. Leveraging Aloompa’s innovative platform we were able to uniquely develop a way for fans to effortlessly compile their Bonnaroo music memories in one place in real time. This also allows us to learn more about our audience and their interests so that we can improve the festival experience year over year”.

As festivals have changed to fit the revolving interests of their attendees, we saw a need to change the ways brands could interact with attendees on the digital level. At Bonnaroo, Smirnoff Ice became the first brand to sponsor LIVESTORY™. The ability to engage with attendees in such a non intrusive way before, during, and after the festival represents a huge opportunity for sponsors looking to engage on a deeper level. Our very own Drew Burchfield says it best, “Aloompa has a unique position because of its aggregation of organizer, attendee, brand, and artist perspectives, which enables us to deliver products and features that provide value to each stakeholder while also bringing a deeper understanding of the entire live event ecosystem”.

This is just the first step in the story, and we’re excited to grow this feature with our clients. The ability to re-live your experience shouldn’t be limited to music, and we look forward to a LIVESTORY™ in the future that includes food, vendors, rides and much more.

EDIT (November 6, 2016): Since the successful launch at Bonnaroo, we premiered LiveStory at KAABOO Del Mar, as well as at EDC Orlando 2016. Check out some of the best LiveStories from our staff below!

Click on each image to access the web version of the user’s LiveStory