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Alpaca Finance November Recap

Dear alpacas,

We’re here again to give you an overview of everything we’ve worked on in the past month of November, a busy time which we spent continuously building and expanding our platform and brand. First, we completed our Alpies sales, generating $1.25M for ALPACA buyback & burn, and $310K for charity. We also listed Alpies on five NFT marketplaces for trading. Having had such a successful launch with Alpies, it’s a great start for our upcoming play-to-earn game.

As for DeFi, we’ve been busy developing new products as well. We completed two audits for AUSD, and plan to launch this long-awaited stablecoin within the next couple of weeks. (Further below, you can find some info on how AUSD will work and a sneak peek of the interface)

Furthermore, ALPACA was listed in WazirX, India’s largest CEX. And, we added 3 new leveraged farms and 10 new Grazing Ranges to expand our core products, with the goals of bringing leveraged yield farming to most liquidity pairs on the top DEXs, and constantly creating earning opportunities for ALPACA holders. Yet, there’s more. Read further below to see other notable progress we’ve made in November.

📈By The Numbers

ALPACA remains the #2 BNB Chain DApp in terms of 30-day transaction volume to a Dapp’s smart contracts and the #4 BNB Chain DApp in terms of TVL/Marketcap, indicating that ALPACA remains a relatively undervalued protocol.

This month, we even hit a milestone of 60,000 ALPACA holders! Our user metrics have never stopped rising every day (statistics viewable on BSCscan or Vulkania). Furthermore, we reached 20,000 users on our Telegram (English channel) and 10,000 members on our Discord.

🎮Alpies Updates

We finished the sale of our Dreamer Alpies. In summary, our Alpies sale raised $6.3M USD (6910 BNB@$579 + 482 ETH). Our Dauntless sale was notably covered by CoinTelegraph, a leading crypto news site, earlier this month, as well as by the FTX app. A total of $1.25M will be used for buyback & burn of ALPACA and $310K will be donated to charity.

Alpie holders can now verify their wallets on our Discord and join exclusive Discord channels (type “!join” on any channel in our Discord).

All Alpies are viewable on, where we added various search functions. Dreamer Alpies can now be traded via Ethereum on OpenSea and Rarible, while Dauntless Alpies can be traded via BNB Chain on PancakeSwap NFT Market, NFTrade, and NFTX. Floor price and rarity analysis are available on Rareboard: Dauntless Alpies and Dreamer Alpies. Our gallery also has a rarity leaderboard.

We look forward to further expanding Alpaca Finance into these new and exciting directions of NFTs and GameFi, which many argue will grow into entirely new digital economies within the ever-expanding metaverse.

💰AUSD Sneak Peek

This month, we were excited to share an AUSD systems diagram detailing how AUSD will work, which will give lenders on our platform further earning ability on their ibTokens (increasing their capital efficiency). AUSD will thus be a powerful product in improving our capital efficiency, further making the case for Alpaca being the most capital efficient BNB Chain protocol representing Defi 2.0. (We also provided a sneak peek of the interface.)

We’ve scheduled to launch AUSD on the week of Dec. 13 in phases: first, for ibBUSD with an initial max limit on AUSD, and then, ibUSDT & ibTUSD as we gradually raise the limit. Following that, BNB, BTCB, ETH, and ALPACA.

We are proud to announce the AUSD smart contracts completed their audits by Inspex and Peckshield, with a third audit by SlowMist ongoing. All audits are viewable on our Transparency Page (under AUSD).

🌾New Farms

This month, we added three new PCS farms:

  • BMON-BNB (2x) 376% APY
  • SPS-BNB (2.5x) 225% APY
  • ETH-BTCB (3x) 9.2% APY

We will continue to add new farms with our existing and future DEX partnerships.

🌿New Grazing Ranges

This month, we added a total of 10 new Grazing Ranges! Our new partnerships include Ariva, xWIN Finance, LeonicornSwap, Mars Ecosystem, WalletNow, DEAPcoin, TEN Finance, Ternoa, Splinterlands, and Plutos Network.

If you are a long-term holder of ALPACA, you can lend your ALPACA and stake your ibALPACA in these Grazing Ranges to earn up to 55% APY in these project tokens and ALPACA tokens (read more about how to Lend & Stake here).

Furthermore, those who staked 500/5000/50,000 (3 tiers) ibALPACA into the Grazing pools within 24 hours of its inception and for 27 days will earn a special NFT. To learn when new Grazing Ranges will launch so you can get these limited edition NFTs, follow our Twitter.

The large number of Grazing Ranges launched in October and November (3–4x the average) represents our commitment to form strong partnerships with various protocols in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

🔥ALPACA Finally Deflationary — Buyback & Burn

In November, we burned a total of 3,361,552 ALPACA (~$2,350,000) over 4 weeks, representing an average weekly burn of 840,388 ALPACA, our largest monthly burn yet. The vast amount of ALPACA burned is attributed to steady revenues, our Alpies sales, and liquidation events this month (our treasury netted $1.3M from liquidations on Nov. 26th), where proceeds were used to burn ALPACA.

An analysis of our tokenomics by a community member explains ALPACA’s deflationary nature through buyback&burn and how these economics will lead to a natural rise of the ALPACA token’s price over time. We recommend reading the article if you lack clarity on this subject.

🏅New Listings

ALPACA was listed on WazirX, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange! ALPACA was also listed on HitBTC and

We partnered with GSR, the leading crypto market maker on various CEXes, to make ALPACA trading more efficient on existing CEXes.

A full list of CEXes and DEXes where you can buy ALPACA is available in our Alpaca Academy Lesson 0. We will continue to pursue ALPACA listings on all of the major CEXes and DEXes.

🎭New NFTs

We gave out NFTs for Grazing Range campaigns that finished this month : LATTE (LatteSwap), PEAR (PearZap), POTS (Moonpot), LUCKY (Lucky Lion), MONI (Monsta Infinite), POLAR (Polar Sync), SKILL (CryptoBlades), NFTY (NFTY Labs), BMON (Binamon), and SHEESHA (Sheesha Finance).

We also hosted many AMAs this month and gave NFTs to those who participated in our AMAs with DeFi ID, Ikureme, Bitcoincuatoi, Bakchoomie, Crypton, KuCoin FR, KuCoin IN, KuCoin NG, KuCoin ES, KuCoin AR, KuCoin IT, KuCoin NL, KingData, KuCoin BD, KuCoin TR, and Cherubic.

We gave NFTs to those who participated in our Alpaca Game Nights, featuring new Squid Games and Krunker themed NFTs. We also gave a Memepaca NFT to those who submitted a quality meme on our Discord’s alpaca-art-and-meme channel (more below).

All NFTs can be claimed and viewed on Project Galaxy and traded on the secondary markets on NFTrade and Treasureland. Through the recent listing on NFTrade, can now search specific NFTs by category to easily find the one you want to buy.

👨‍👨‍👦Twitter Spaces Fireside Chats

We hosted two more fireside chats with our Head of Business Development James, our Head of Strategy and Marketing Sam, and our Head of Institutional Growth Pete. Hear their thoughts on recent and future DeFi developments, including government regulations, gaming, NFTs, multichain development, and Alpaca news in the below recaps, or tune into our upcoming Fireside Chats every 2 weeks.

6th Fireside Chat: YouTube link
7th Fireside Chat: YouTube link

📚New Learning Material

We released the article Strategy 4: Multiply Crypto Gains in a Bull Market (accompanied by a video tutorial). This strategy describes how to leverage long in a bull market and how to model your profit/losses when one or both tokens in the farm move in price. Stay tuned for the article release of Strategies 5 & 6 in our Six Simple Strategies series.

🎨Meme Contest Winners

Congrats to the winner of our Meme Contest who won a free Alpie. Since so many of you sent great memes, we made a special Memepaca NFT for you. From now on, if anyone makes a quality meme in our Discord alpaca-art-and-memes channel, you’ll get the above NFT!

♠Alpaca Game Night♟

Take a break from farming and join fellow alpacas in our Alpaca Game Nights, hosted on Discord every Saturday. Follow our Discord Announcements to learn how to participate. All participants get a themed Game Night NFT and winners get ALPACA prizes.

☀New User Interface and Features

We designed a new landing page and added a new Institutions page, as we continue with our aims to attract TradFi players and institutional funds to our platform.

What also added a few new minor features:

  • On the Farm page, opening new positions shows more decimals on prices
  • InsurAce Get Cover button was added
  • On the Lend page, ALPACA staking APR shows the highest APR pool
  • Multilanguage support: Our website now supports Farsi and our Docs support Farsi, Turkish, Malay, and Filipino

📰Other News & Partnerships

Other news and developments in November include:

  • Integration with Yield Watch, an asset management platform like Apeboard
  • Integration with and Vulkania, so users can now track various ALPACA statistics
  • KingData now tracks historical pool APY and TVL on Alpaca Finance
  • We established partnerships with TenFi and Moonpot, so users can now stake thier ALPACA or ibALPACA on these platforms for some juicy yields
  • Listen to the Crypto Jobs List Interview with James, our Head of Business Development, as he explains leveraged yield farming and tips on hiring/getting hired in crypto

Next Steps

We will continue to build and meet the long list of goals detailed on our new roadmap, particularly focusing on our GameFi direction, our expansion into stablecoins with AUSD, and notably — our plans to go multichain. Many new features and developments are expected in December. Follow our Twitter and be the first to know!



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