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Introducing Frenpacas and How to Become One

Heeding Granpaca’s words above, the members of the Herd realized that it will take the combined effort of many warm and friendly alpacas to help the Herd grow. That only by showing each other the way, can we arrive to greener pastures, and possibly even find some divine grass if lucky.

Over the past year, our Herd has grown into a massive number of over 60k Alpacas roaming the Farm. Yet, it is our shared duty to make sure that the new alpacas are safe and know where to farm the highest grass-yields while taking the least amount of risk. So we have to support each other to build the strongest community, a special place where we all can go, chat, learn, and belong. Because sometimes, you want to go where everyone knows your name.

And they’re glad you came.

Where you have rewards to claim.

And your high APY stays the same!

You want to be with your Frenpacas!

The Alpaca Herd is calling out to all community members to step forward and apply to become Frenpacas. As a Frenpaca, your task will be to look after young alpacas and help the Herd grow.

At the moment, you can help in the following areas:

  • Help new users use the platform
  • Respond to users’ questions and comments
  • Assist in organizing online events and meet-ups
  • Help maintain and moderate online communities
  • Help translate and proofread content
  • Provide market feedback and suggestions
  • Provide any other suggestions that you think will help the Herd grow

What are the benefits of being a FrenPaca?

  • Get special access to members of the Alpaca Finance team
  • Be invited to the exclusive Alpaca Finance Frenpaca channel, where only Frenpacas, Guardian Alpacas, and Alpaca team members can chat.
  • Your feedback and suggestions about Alpaca Finance will be given high priority
  • You will receive limited edition NFTs, distributed only to Frenpacas


Location: Global Remote

Selection Criteria:
1. Passionate about Defi
2. A strong supporter of Alpaca Finance
3. Not a llama
4. Must frequent Alpaca Finance community socials regularly

To apply to become a Frenpaca and evolve, click here!



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