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Introducing Our Gaming Team!

Dear alpacas,

As we’ve promised, it’s finally time to introduce you to the expert team we’ve meticulously put together to build our gaming project.

We’ve spent this year working tirelessly on market research, game design, prototyping, and most importantly, recruiting the best people possible to work with us. It’s been a long journey and there’s still a lot more left, but we’re proud to introduce our team members who are actively working with us to build world-class games!

Our total gaming team currently has over 20 professionals working full-time, between Alpaca Gaming and our game studio partner Skybull Studio, which includes game designers, artists, developers and others. Our team includes veterans and former executives from companies like Tencent, NetEase, Zynga, Warner Bros Games, Wizards of the Coast, Gameloft, Garena, and EA. Below are the senior members.


  • Former Game Design Lead at Wizards of the Coast
  • Former Senior Game Designer at Dire Wolf Digital and Game Designer at Stone Blade Entertainment
  • Former professional player of Magic: The Gathering
  • 11 years in gaming industry
  • Former Project Manager at Gameloft
  • Notable projects: Asphalt 8, Despicable Me 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 1&2
  • 11 years in gaming industry
  • Has worked with Tencent, NetEase, Funtap, Garena
  • Notable projects: Tom&Jerry: Chase, Rise of Kingdoms (Lilith), Arena of Valor (Garena, Tencent)
  • Artstation profile
  • 10 years as lawyer and legal consultant
  • Former CEO at DPAY JSC
  • Former C-level at Avive Tech and ZGroup Creative JSC
  • Former Production Manager at Vintata Animation Studio
  • 10 years in entertainment industry

Team Leads:

  • 8 years in game development
  • BA in Information Technology from Hanoi National University
  • Former Senior 3D Animator at FTech
  • Former Rigging Team Lead at Vintata Animation Studio
  • Former Senior 3D Animator at Hiker Games


  • Head of Games at the New York Times
  • Former VP, Studio Head at Warner Bros Games
  • Former SVP of Games at Zynga
  • Former VP, EP at EA
  • Founder & Chairman at Mobile Game Doctor
  • Former Director of Game Design at Zynga
  • Former GM at Popcap Games San Francisco

Concept Art Coming Soon

Finally, we just finished the 2nd round of market testing our art, having successfully finalized character direction, and are currently locking in our art style to best fit those characters. We will start sharing concept art from the game next week.

Thank you everyone for your patience. Throughout this year, we had many opportunities to choose easier and faster ways of building a game and shipping it out, such as working with less experienced teams or building a lower-quality game, but we always believed in optimizing quality and that it was crucial to first build the best team possible. This is because our ultimate goal was not simply to launch a game, but to build a studio capable of building many top-quality games. Now, we’re proud to say we’ve succeeded in that crucial part of our mission, while also having made much headway with our game. It was a lot of work putting such a team of veterans together but we’re now outputting at full steam.

While we prefer developing in stealth so we can be free to experiment, as soon as we further solidify some aspects of our game’s systems, we will start publishing monthly update articles, which shouldn’t be long from now. Before that, we will start more regularly releasing art. So look forward to more news this quarter and moving forward. Follow us on Twitter for that.

Also, feel free to discuss anything game-related in one of our Alpies channels on Discord. Thank you fellow alpacas. The future is furry!



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