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New Alpaca Field Study: Sustainable Buildings

By Aubrie Pagano and Stefano Gabella

What are the next technologies in sustainable buildings that will decarbonise one of the major sources of greenhouse emissions?

As part of our ongoing thesis-driven research program, we are excited to share that Alpaca is launching a new Field Study on Sustainable Buildings.

Buildings are estimated to be a major source of GHG emissions, ca. 9 Giga tonnes of CO2 annually according to the IEA (~15% of total emissions, 2020 data). As a consequence, large investments and innovations will be required over the next decade to comply with government and company-level Net-Zero emissions targets.

Sustainable materials such as low emission concrete, steel and glass will play a role in the transition, as well as low-emissions construction techniques, circular economy and sustainable supply chain solutions. Significant innovations and ventures will emerge to capture opportunities in this space, offering opportunities for venture capital investors looking for financial returns alongside positive societal and environmental impact.

As our team moves forward with our investigation into this exciting space, we are looking forward to engaging with founders, investors and thought leaders over the next few months.

Who should we tap? We encourage you to reach out.

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