Alpaca Kicks Off Search for Real Estate “PropCo” Partner Hire

Daniel Fetner
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2 min readJan 25, 2023


Alpaca is seeking

The Alpaca team has not been shy about our views on the large, untapped opportunity in “PropCo” land. In short, we believe that the next frontier of real estate investment focuses on capitalizing the real estate necessary for PropTech companies to advance their business strategies. We’ve written extensively about the clear disconnect in the way technology companies currently gain access to the real estate they need to flourish. Looking at the ecosystem as a whole, we believe our role is bridging the gap by providing expertise, thought leadership and capital.

As part of this bigger vision, we are thrilled to announce that we’re officially kicking off Alpaca’s search for a Real Estate “PropCo” Partner to join our team. This Partner will be responsible for underwriting and investing in Technology-Powered Real Estate (real assets) and interfacing with all stakeholders in the ecosystem, including founders, VCs, Co-investors, Real Asset Allocators and our LPs.

Our ideal partner possesses a substantial Real Estate Private Equity track record (8–10+ years) and is forward thinking around the role technology plays in making real estate assets more efficient. Please find a brief description of our ideal candidate profile below.

Alpaca Real Estate “PropCo” Partner Candidate Profile:

Alpaca is seeking a candidate with investing experience across the entire real estate capital stack as well as a variety of real estate types and asset classes. The candidate requirements include:

  • Investing experience across the capital stack (i.e. both debt and equity)
  • Investing experience across many product types (i.e. Multi Family, Industrial, Office, Retail, Hospitality, SFR, etc.)
  • Special ability to assess risk/return, with experience underwriting esoteric deals and niche asset types (special situations background is preferred)
  • 8–10+ years of traditional real estate and real asset investing experience
  • Pedigreed background, ideally coming from a Tier I Real Estate private equity firm or Hedge Fund
  • Character traits: analytical, financially savvy, entrepreneurial, technology-forward and well-networked
  • Great storyteller: ideally has experience raising capital and leading fundraising efforts

Please Reach Out!

If that sounds like you, please reach out to Daniel Fetner ( and Ryan Freedman ( and fill out the Alpaca PropCo Partner Google intake form here.

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Daniel Fetner
Alpaca VC

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