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Alpaca Kicks Off Search for Real Estate “PropCo” Partner Hire

Alpaca is seeking
  • Investing experience across the capital stack (i.e. both debt and equity)
  • Investing experience across many product types (i.e. Multi Family, Industrial, Office, Retail, Hospitality, SFR, etc.)
  • Special ability to assess risk/return, with experience underwriting esoteric deals and niche asset types (special situations background is preferred)
  • 8–10+ years of traditional real estate and real asset investing experience
  • Pedigreed background, ideally coming from a Tier I Real Estate private equity firm or Hedge Fund
  • Character traits: analytical, financially savvy, entrepreneurial, technology-forward and well-networked
  • Great storyteller: ideally has experience raising capital and leading fundraising efforts



Alpaca is a New York based venture capital firm leading seed-stage investments in the founders defining the future of daily living.

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Daniel Fetner

General Partner @ Alpaca.VC, Co-Founder @ Soil Connect, Former JPM Private Banker, Wharton MBA, CoS @ Corigin. #PropTech, #ConstructionTech #FinTech