Alpaca City is Landing on Binance Smart Chain with 5,000 Alpaca NFTs Airdrop

Alpaca City Team
Nov 30, 2020 · 4 min read
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Alpaca City was launched in late October, 2020. Ever since the launch, we’ve been grateful for the support from our community. Over the last few weeks, Alpaca City has achieved unprecedented growth with the following milestones:

  • Ranked №1 on & Dapp Review Gaming category according 24h transaction volume
  • Ranked №3 on Open Sea collectibles category and №9 overall based on 7-day NFT trading volume
  • In total of 500,000 ALPA (~150K USD) were burned through breeding fees in the past 2 weeks

We’ve had a lot of feedback regarding the high gas fee on the Ethereum network. While we are working on ways to reduce gas spending by optimizing our smart contract, we see the needs to explore different options that can reduce transaction cost significantly.

We are now excited to work with Binance Smart Chain to solve this problem. Alpaca City will be live on Binance Smart Chain on December 3rd, 2020 at 6am PST with 5,000 Alpaca NFTs airdrop. We are also thrilled to announce official partnerships with other notable projects to celebrate the launch on Binance Smart Chain. Details will be announced at a later time.

Join Now to Get a Chance to Win 5,000 Alpaca NFTs Airdrop

1. For all existing Alpaca NFT & ALPA token holders on Ethereum blockchain

  • All Alpaca NFT and ALPA token holders on Ethereum by November 29th, 7:00PM PST will be guaranteed to claim two free Gen0 Alpaca NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain version of Alpaca City.
  • The energy and traits of the two Gen0 Alpaca NFTs will be randomly selected.
  • Simply visit on December 3rd, 2020 at 6am PST with the same ETH address on Binance Smart Chain to claim.

For all other players, you may participate any of the events below to get a chance to win one of the 5,000 Gen0 Alpaca NFTs on Binance Smart Chain.

  • Join the Alpaca City x BSC social campaign to become eligible participants —
  • Join the event hosted by our partner’s community to become eligible participants.
  • If you join multiple events above, your BSC address will only be counted once in the final list of eligible participants.
  • All Eligible Participants will be able to claim this very first batch of 5,000 Alpaca NFTs on Binance Smart Chain by visiting on December 3rd, 2020 at 6am PST. The rewards will be First Come First Serve basis. Each winner will receive one Gen0 Alpaca NFT.

On top of the NFT airdrop campaign, all existing Alpaca City players and Eligible Participants will also be able to claim 500 free WOOL tokens, which can be redeemed for extra Alpaca NFT eggs.

What will happen in Alpaca City on Binance Smart Chain

  • All features except the Uniswap LP Farm will be launched on Alpaca City BSC. We are excited to release the Alpaca Squad Farm on BSC that charges significantly less transaction fees than our Ethereum version.
  • To welcome all players on Binance Smart Chain, we’ve prepared surprise for you during the first week of Alpaca Squad Farm on BSC. Stay tuned and we will release more info about this in the next few days.
  • ALPA will be transferable between Ethereum and BSC through a bridge. Bridge is currently operated by Alpaca City Team and we will mint 500K ALPA on BSC to handle initial bridging liquidity. These ALPA will be burned once the liquidity is no longer needed.
  • ALPA minting schedule will not change. However, 15% of the newly minted ALPA will be moved to BSC. See details in the table below
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ALPA Rewards Per Block Before & After BSC Launch

  • NFTs are not transferable cross chains. The supply cap for Gen0 Alpaca NFTs on Binance Smart Chain is 20,000. Among them, 5,000 will be distributed through airdrop during our launch campaign, the rest will be sold through public adopt feature and distributed through other community events in the future.
  • The 1st round of public adoption on BSC starts at launch. Here are the details:
    Total Number of Alpaca NFTs available: 2000
    Price: 0.5 BNB / Alpaca
    Limit: Maximum 4 Alpacas per participant
    90% of fees collected from the public adoption on BSC will be used to buy back ALPA and burn.

Alpaca City

A miracle city where DeFi meets Alpaca.

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