DEGO + Alpaca City + BSC = A Wonderful Holiday Season

Alpaca City Team
Dec 1, 2020 · 2 min read
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Hi Citizens,

We are pleased to announce to you our official partnership with Dego Finance, a well-known NFT project with over 50,000 users.

Dego is a NFT project that provides fun-to-use and easy-to-integrate products and tools in the blockchain space. Just like Alpaca City’s mission to gamify yield farming to make it more accessible for everyone, Dego also aims to bring blockchain application to ordinary people for everyday use.

This week, we will be partnering up with Dego to host the following exciting campaigns:

Alpaca Squad Farm with Dego Community Sponsorship on BSC

To celebrate our BSC launch, Dego Community wll be sponsoring 2,885 DEGO(~$2,000) to Alpaca Squad Farm. This reward will be distributed along with ALPA during the first 7 days of Alpaca Squad Farm launch on BSC. Assemble your squad this Thursday to earn both ALPA and DEGO!

Machu Picchu on Dego BSC

Machu Picchu is a forbidden land of lost treasure and exotic creatures. This is where $25,000 worth of ALPA can be mined with Alpaca x DEGO NFTs Unicopaca and DEGO NFTs.

Campaign Schedule

  • 1st Dec 2020, Mining Rules Announced

Check out the event details here (It’s gonna be fun and exciting!):

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Alpaca City BSC Launch with 5,000 Alpaca NFTs Airdrop

To thank Dego community for their support to Alpaca City, all qualified Dego players will be able to join our whitelist for our BSC launch airdrop. All eligible players will have a chance to claim the 5,000 Generation 0 Alpacas starting on Dec. 3rd, 2pm UTC on a first come first served basis. (Please contact Dego team for the detail about your eligibility.)

Join the game now!

Alpaca City

A miracle city where DeFi meets Alpaca.

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