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Updates on the Farm

We‘ve talked to many community members in the past few days regarding the value of Alpaca NFTs. Many people are concerned about the purpose of holding multiple Alpacas while only one Alpaca can be used to boost yield. After thorough discussions with many of our community members, we find it necessary to address this issue to reassure you all the value of both Alpaca NFTs and the Alpaca City Ecosystem. Special thanks to Fonship, Josh Rager, Subhuti, cooldove, 王大有, 君山, 龍田 and many other community members for the valuable feedback. Here are the finalized details for the Farm in Alpaca City. There will be a total of 2 pools: ALPA/ETH Uniswap LP token pool and Alpaca Squad pool:

ALPA/ETH Uniswap LP Pool — 80% of total farming rewards:

In this pool, you stake in ALPA/ETH Uniswap LP token to farm ALPA. In addition to staking in LPs, you can choose ONE Alpaca (optional) to boost your farming yields. The more LP token you stake in, and the higher energy of the Alpaca Farmer, the more reward you will receive. Your pool share will be based on LP Amount * Alpaca Farmer Energy.

Alpaca Squad Pool — 20% of total farming rewards:

In this pool, you assemble your Alpaca Squad to farm ALPA. The higher total energy of your Alpaca Squad, the more rewards you will receive. For the opening week of Alpaca Squad pool, you can stake in at most 20 Alpacas to farm. This limit will increase by 10 every week.

Due to this change, we need to push back the opening of ALPA/ETH Uniswap LP farming pool by two days to Nov 7th, 8PM PST. Alpaca Squad Pool will be released sometime within next week.

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