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ALPEX Global Attended Blockchain World, The Largest Event In The MENA Region

DCS 2021’s Blockchain World featured a celebrity panel, live-streamed interviews, and a live chat about Blockchain, NFTs, and Bitcoin. In the early stages of the crypto industry, regulatory clarity can be a challenge. Blockchain World Abu Dhabi engaged, excited, and educated the world about blockchain technology. In total, 60 international expert speakers and 32 media partners educated 5,329 attendees over 3 days, making this truly “not your typical blockchain event”. As well as attracting a large number of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts and companies, Blockchain World added an educational twist to the event by incorporating gaming, trading, and entrepreneurial workshops into an engaging experience.

Anita Kalergis AKA Krypto Granny interviews Jane Thomason (behind the scenes)

Our CMO Alison Du, Advisor Pekka Kelkka, and Dean of ALPEX Academy Anita Kalergis attended Blockchain World. On day two of Blockchain World, the Dean of ALPEX Academy and Advisor discussed everything pertaining to crypto and blockchain.

Krypto Granny and Papa Blockchain — ALPEX Global @ Blockchain World 2021 — ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

Ultimately, there were a lot of very interesting panel discussions, such as those on (1) crypto as legal tender, (2) securities regulation and its application to tokens, and (3) IP issues surrounding NFTs.

Additionally, Global experts and speakers provided us with food for thought. I recall vividly the keynote on 10 ethics questions about the Metaverse, Do we want an open Metaverse or a closed one? In the Metaverse, if you create something in open source, whose ownership is it? Are avatars entitled to agency? What privacy, security, and rights should you have if you share biometric data in the Metaverse? would it be possible to create a truly decentralized, equitable, and equitable Metaverse? What are the best ways to maximize the incredible economic and social opportunities while minimizing harm?

Papa Blockchain and Krypto Granny giving a speech panel at Blockchain World 2021, ADNEC

The fact that neither comprehensive knowledge nor reliable information dissemination is within our grasp and one of them is impossible to achieve, though we are not sure which, suggests that we need to explore how trust-free or zero-knowledge systems might work. We were provoked by these keynotes and discussions to ask questions in a casual fashion that might be of interest to a general audience. Due to ALPEX’s passion to dive deep into such complex topics, we will be sharing extensive articles based on ALPEX’s perspective over the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Lastly, ALPEX Global also conducted and recorded interviews with keynote speakers at Blockchain World, investors, and NFT artists.

Krypto Granny and Jane Thomason full interview

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