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(12/5/2021–17:00PM Wed)

BTC fell below the key support level of $56.5K and a bearish reaction was seen within this level price, with shorts predicting that the price could fall towards the support area of $55.5K.

ETH traded to a new all-time high near $4,375 before it corrected lower. There was a break below the $4,300 level, but the price is stable and trading well above $4,200, bulls believe can wait and see the $4,350 level.

● Bitcoin was trading at around $55,868.24 as of 17:00 (GMT+4). It is risen by 0.16% in the last 24 hours.
● Bitcoin’s 24-hour range: $54,875.11- $57,988.73 (ALPEX EXCHANGE DATA)
● #BTC price failed to clear $58K and corrected lower.
#ETH is currently down below $4,300.
#LINK failed to clear the $50 resistance.
#COMP is still trading at around $820.
#DOGE is down a modest 1.6% today.

【#Alpex_io Markets Wrap】
Up to 17:00 (GMT+4) today
🔸 BTC +0.16% ↑
🔸 ETH +6.04% ↑
🔸 LINK +0.70% ↑
🔸 COMP +0.84% ↑
🔸 DOGE -1.18% ↓

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ALPEX is a globally renowned digital asset spot and derivatives trading platform, aiming to provide the most innovative, professional, smooth, transparent and trustworthy digital asset trading services for traders worldwide.

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ALPEX is a cutting-edge digital asset and derivatives trading platform, created to provide the world’s best and most secure online trading experience.

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