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🔸ALPEX MARKETS WRAP — February 21, 2021🔸

As Bitcoin Dips, Inflation ‘Breakevens’ Offer Hope to Bulls.

● #BTC was trading around $37,558.99 at press time.
● #Bitcoin’s 24-hour range: $37,220.95-$39,451.68 (ALPEX EXCHANGE DATA)

#ETH is now at $2,600.
#COMP is now above $111.
#ADA is currently trading around $0.90.
#XRP is now at $0.76.
#DOT is consolidating around $16.4.

【#ALPEX Markets Wrap】
$BTC -2.32%
$ETH -1.86%
$COMP -2.97%
$ADA -3.71%
$XRP -2.83%
$DOT -3.25%

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