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🔸ALPEX MARKETS WRAP — November 19, 2021🔸

Bitcoin Attempts Price Recovery After a Derivatives-Led Slide to Sub-$56K. Ethereum Still Trades Around $4.1K.

● #BTC was trading around $57,011.99 at press time.
● #Bitcoin’s 24-hour range: $55,619.12 -$58,465.89 (ALPEX EXCHANGE DATA)

#ETH is now at $4,155.
#COMP is now above $302.
#ADA is currently trading around $1.82.
#XRP is now at $1.05.
#DOT is consolidating around $40.05.

【#ALPEX Markets Wrap】
Up to 17:00 (GMT+4) today
$BTC -1.78% ↓
$ETH +2.17% ↑
$COMP +1.99% ↑
$ADA +1.94% ↑
$XRP +0.31% ↑
$DOT +2.89% ↑

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ALPEX is a globally renowned digital asset spot and derivatives trading platform, aiming to provide the most innovative, professional, smooth, transparent and trustworthy digital asset trading services for traders worldwide.

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ALPEX is a cutting-edge digital asset and derivatives trading platform, created to provide the world’s best and most secure online trading experience.

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