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ALPEX Weekly Newsletter (April Week 5)

News and Updates from ALPEX… the leader in digital asset trading!

3rd May 2021

Welcome to the new weekly newsletter from ALPEX, where you will find the latest important updates from the leader in digital asset and derivatives trading!

ALPEX is dedicated to providing the world’s most secure, stable and reliable digital asset trading platform, built around currency trading, over-the-counter (OTC) trading, perpetual contract trading, financial derivatives, and much more. ALPEX is the preferred digital asset trading platform for millions of users worldwide and the first choice for both professional and first-time traders in over 150 countries.

Weekly Overview

It has been another extremely busy week for the entire team here at ALPEX, during which, we have made some significant leaps in our business. This newsletter contains some of the key points, summaries our main activities over the last week.

This last week has been the third week of Ramadan, a time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and worship throughout the Muslim world. We again would like to wish all of our fellow ALPEXers a blessed and happy Ramadan. May Allah bless you and your families!

Technical Summary

The ALPEX technical team has been working hard again, with continued improvements to our cutting-edge digital trading platform. Our primary focus is always to ensure optimum functionality, reliability and quality of trading experience for our users.

Key developments this week include the following:

• iOS app version updated to v1.4.0.228;

• Android app version updated to v1.5.2;

• Minor system bug fixes;

• Improvements to platform user experience;

• Further optimization of backstage management system functionality.

Further developments planned for the next week include:

• Further development of secure fingerprint login;

• Minor bug fixes to K-line latest pricing;

• Upgrade of English announcement interface;

• Overall update of flat trading module;

• Protocol text UI style modifications and front-end updates; and

• Development of contract API documentation and API key management.

Marketing Summary

The marketing team has enjoyed some real successes this week, agreeing some important strategic partnerships with top-tier media organizations, as well as other key collaborations. Chief amongst these is Mars Finance and Feixiaohao, plus other high profile Chinese blockchain media entities.

We are particularly excited to announce the launch of our exclusive business column on Mars Finance, a website dedicated to reporting the latest news and trends within the blockchain industry. Our Mars Finance business column has already attracted 245 followers as now.

Our new ‘Markets Wrap’ continue to be well received by our followers and members, with some great feedback received. Our twice-daily ‘Wrap’, covering the latest market news, is updated every Monday to Friday at 12.00 (GMT+4) and 17:00 (GMT+4) respectively. Keep your eye on our social media channels to catch our ‘Markets Wrap’ updates as they are released.

Other marketing activity includes the preparation of the new ALPEX promotional videos. Length, subtitles and transition animation has all be finally and we look forward to the demo versions being released. These will initially be uploaded to our YouTube channel and announcements about this will be made very soon.

We are committed to delivering value-drive updates across all of our social media platforms, which has resulted in further growth in our followers and members this week.

Platform audience figures at 30th April are as follows:


LIKES: 4,027, FOLLOWERS: 4,567







English-Speaking Telegram Community

MEMBERS: 2,709

Chinese-Speaking Telegram Community

MEMBERS: 2,469

English-Speaking Telegram Announcement Channel


Chinese-Speaking Telegram Announcement Channel


*Links to all of our social media channels can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

Member News

Our exclusive and highly successful Invitation Campaign has now drawn to an end and resulted in many Premium Members receiving huge financial boosts to their online trading experiences.

If you missed out on our April Invitation Campaign, don’t worry, we have more exciting incentives planned.

ALPEX Team Update

As our strategy for growth and our drive for talent acquisition continues, we have again been busy onboarding new team members this week. But with many more vacancies to fill, our recruitment drive continues.

If you would like to be part of the future of digital asset trading, then we would love to hear from you. Just send your CV, along with a covering letter to:

Thank you for reading our latest newsletter and for being a part of the ALPEX family. We look forward to bringing you more important updates again next week!

Our best wishes,

The team at ALPEX

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