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ALPEX Weekly Newsletter (Jun Week 3)

ALPEX Weekly News Update, Digital Asset Trading Leader


Published: June 22, 2021

Welcome to ALPEX’s weekly newsletter for the third week of June, where we share domestic and international blockchain headlines, as well as the progress and plans of ALPEX’s various departments. Please pay special attention to the “Member News”, which includes exclusive benefits for ALPEX members, and the “Customer Service FAQ”, where the customer service department provides detailed answers to users’ concerns.

ALPEX, a global leader in digital asset trading, is known for being a secure, dependable, and stable platform, with millions of users in 150 countries, thanks to its “safety, stability, and reliability” trademark. At present, it primarily focuses on cyrpto- currency spot trading, over-the-counter (OTC) trading, perpetual contracts and digital derivatives trading.

Week Overview

On the international front, sidechain Polygon has become a hot topic in the crypto space. It was created to solve the congestion of Ether, and is the first Ethernet two-tier network project with a circulating market capitalization of over $10 billion. The booming ecosystem has brought it much attention.

In China, according to Sina Finance, last Friday, ICBC was the first to launch “users can exchange digital yuan for cash at ATMs” and can do so at more than 3,000 locations in Beijing.

Across ALPEX, Operations, Marketing, Sales and Customer Services departments all work efficiently and with intensity. According to the reports, we have the following:

Technical Summary

ALPEX’s technical team has implemented further enhancements to our cutting-edge trading platform. With our focus on optimum functionality, reliability, security and ease of use, we always strive to deliver the very best online trading experience to our clients.

Following are some of the major developments of this week:

  • IOS version updated to V1.4.6.229, Android version updated to V1.5.9.
  • Our fiat currency page has been updated with a new version.
  • Updated the English language pack.
  • Simplified the process for executing new user contracts.

Further developments planned for the next week :

  • Add a multilingual version
  • Add contract calculator.
  • Support more mailbox platform access.
  • Add a mute vibration function switch.
  • The ability to reverse multiple leverage after opening a position.
  • Add estimated profit and loss for take profit/stop loss/closed position.

Marketing Summary

During the last week, our marketing department has been very busy pursuing several exciting projects and opportunities. Here are some highlights from this week:

Team Members

ALPEX is pleased to welcome Mifla to its family. She has spent the last eight years working in the Middle East in the area of art and graphic design. In her role as senior designer, Mifla will showcase her talent on various posters for the ALPEX team .

Video Program

Moreover, scripts for short videos are being written by the ALPEX team. Our future plans are to publish different videos of ALPEX on various social media platforms so that people can learn more about our services.

What’s New

The Q&A section of ALPEX mobile app is constantly being updated, and more questions and answers will be added to help users quickly solve the problems they encounter in the process of using the app. The ALPEX social platforms are updated twice a day.

Weibo Follow

ALPEX has opened a new microblog, more content is being updated, and we will share industry information, insights and benefits with you one by one in the microblog. Scan the code to enter directly. Readers are welcome to follow and share, and give us suggestions.

“Mars Finance” Program

We have Incorporated content of popular analysis articles into the Mars Finance column, and users will be able to find information about the blockchain industry.

Social Media

Markets Wrap’ continues to grow in popularity, attracting more and more digital asset traders and crypto enthusiasts. Our ‘Market Wrap’, which was originally published every Monday through Friday, is now available every Monday through Friday at 17:00 (GMT +4). Make sure you follow us on social media to receive ‘Markets Wrap’ updates.

To benefit all ALPEX supporters and online community members, we remain committed to delivering important updates across all of our social media platforms. As of 18th June, these were the audience figures:


LIKES : 6311: / FOLLOWERS: 6827







English-Speaking Telegram Community


Chinese-Speaking Telegram Community

MEMBERS: 2641 (+22)

English-Speaking Telegram Announcement Channel


Chinese-Speaking Telegram Announcement Channel


Member News & Customer Service FAQ

ALPEX customer service department and all the staff strive to cooperate with heart and soul, and is committed to providing a quality user experience. As part of ALPEX’s commitment to provide users with better services, the customer service department continually improves and perfects its management systems. These are the most frequently asked questions this week:

  1. “When was the ALPEX platform established?”

Our platform, ALPEX, was launched in 2020 and is developed and operated by international professionals, providing global digital asset users with the smoothest and most professional USDT perpetual contract trading services is one of ALPEX’S missions.

2. “Is there any difference between the leveraged income of contract trading and the margin?”

Leveraged investments enable investors to multiply the trading volumes(with corresponding risks), but do not affect whether you earn or loss.

Your total margin is calculated by

Trading Quantity (cont) *Contract Size* Open Price (Average.)/ Leverage

3.“How can I apply to become one of your agencies?”

ALPEX does not yet offer a “contract agency” form of cooperation. However, some of our users may be eligible for valuable rewards through our distinguished invitations. Detailed information can be found here:

The ALPEX website and mobile app provide comprehensive answers to these questions, as well as many others. Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Service Department by email:

Exclusive Member VIP Program

Qualifying for the program requires the following simple steps:

  1. Each premium member will be able to generate ONE unique VIP Invitation Link (not a standard Invitation Link) once it has been verified that a total of 10,000 USDT has been deposited, with a total open trading volume of at least 20,000 USDT (calculated as: Average Settled Price x Quantity x Contract Size).
  2. After verification, the premium member may forward the VIP invitation link to other users. The first three people to register will receive margin credit vouchers.
  3. New users who sign up through the VIP Invitation Link will receive 600 USDT in margin credit (10x leverage and 3 x 200 USDT credit).

Please VISIT THIS LINK to find out more about this exciting promotion, and to read the Terms and Conditions that apply.

Talent Recruitment

Our talent acquisition program continues to be driven by ALPEX’s continued success and fiscal stability. We conducted more interviews for new team members in the past week, but there are still a number of vacancies for the right candidates .

Feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to participate in the future of digital asset trading. You can send in your CV and cover letter to:

Finally, thank you for reading and for being a valued member of ALPEX. Please subscribe to the weekly newsletter and follow ALPEX Derivatives Exchange’s coverage on social media platforms!

Happy trading!


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