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ALPEX Weekly Newsletter (September Week 1)

Latest news and updates from ALPEX, a leader in digital asset trading!

Welcome to ALPEX newsletter, your resource for the latest important updates from the leader in digital asset and derivatives trading!

ALPEX is dedicated to providing the world’s most secure, stable and reliable digital asset trading platform, built around currency trading, over-the-counter (OTC) trading, perpetual contract trading, financial derivatives, and much more. ALPEX is the preferred digital asset trading platform for millions of users worldwide and the first choice for both professional and first-time traders in over 150 countries.

Weekly Overview:
In a week dominated by cryptocurrencies, Ethereum outperformed bitcoin, Hollywood sensation Reese Witherspoon urged people to invest in Ethereum, Paris Hilton showed an interest in bitcoin, our world seems full of magical turnovers in the valley of coins. Further, Elon Musk tweeted, “Release The Doge” which caused the dogecoin price to increase enormously.

The Ethereum community has stepped up this week’s activity to a great extent, and blockchain-related development is currently having a bullish moment in the crypto space. Among the many arguments put forth in regards to Ether, it has been the case that it will ultimately take over Bitcoin. In the mind of Bitcoin maximalists, Bitcoin is the purest form of digital money and its market value more than doubles that of Ether, meaning that the original crypto has the purest form of digital money.

Ether advanced twice in a row in August, and this was the best monthly performance since April. In comparison to Bitcoin’s gains of 60 percent, the value of the coin is up more than 350 percent. The price of Bitcoin rose about 1% on Wednesday, rising from $47,000 to $52,000 as the dollar gained about 5%.

In the cryptocurrency markets, last week was compelling. Despite having been on the decline for more than three months, bitcoin finally broke through the $50,000 price mark this week for the first time since May. Nonetheless, it took less than 24 hours for the bears to return to the area and turn the situation around.

On Thursday, bitcoin reached a low of just over $46,000 after the initial drop. Nevertheless, it found resistance near the 200-day moving average line. In spite of recovering some ground and regaining $47k and $48k earlier, shortterm technical aspects seem to be turning negative, with bearish divergence forming on the daily market wraps.

In the past week, alternative coins (altcoins) also experienced a rise and fall cycle. A new consecutive all-time high charted for Cardano (ADA) at one point in time. Twitter mentions even surpassed those of BTC as its price neared $3. After that, however, ADA declined slightly as the market retraced. However, it is still about 13% higher than last Friday.

It appears that the UK Financial Conduct Authority has finally resolved a few regulatory issues with Binance Coin (BNB), which has seen its price against the dollar climb by 12% in a week. Solana is another impressive gainer from the top ten. As an indication of community sentiment, Sol reached a new
all-time high of over $83 earlier on Thursday. Over the past week, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ripple (XRP) have both fallen between 10–13%.

Last week, the PayPal crypto service was launched in the United Kingdom. Next week, the company will allow its users in the country to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies. PayPal launched its crypto service in the United Kingdom for the first time after launching it in the U.S. last October. PayPal’s U.K. customers are similar to their U.S. counterparts. In addition, the company intends to offer customers the ability to trade and hold four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin cash (BCH).

Although crypto analysts have been declaring bearish statements about Bitcoin for some time now, Morgan Stanley, one of the largest banks in the United States, has invested millions of dollars via different funds in Bitcoin. In terms of money invested, Morgan Stanley Insight Fund holds the largest percentage of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust at 928,051. The trust holds shares totaling $27,665,200.31. Although it’s an indication of the bank’s growing interest in cryptocurrencies, the investment represents just 0.34% of the fund’s total assets.

Lastly, what will happen as a result of the surge in demand for NFTs and DeFi apps, which will allow backers of Etherum to muffle bitcoin investors? Stay tuned for more information in our upcoming newsletter.

Technical Summary:
Key developments this week included:

1. The background operators can access SMS and email verification codes.

2. A new function was added to summarize historical orders for contract trading by the Technical team.

Further developments planned for the next week:
1. Add the full-position mode to contract transactions.

2. Add a credential uploading module for fiat currency transactions.

3. In the mobile app, set the bank card information to display the fiat currency payment method.

4. Add the FIX currency exchange transaction mode.

5. Analysis and statistics of currency transactions.

6. The transaction volume on the market page is uniformly displayed as the total amount converted into USDT, and the unit is “M”.

Marketing Summary:
In marketing news: AVAX, SOL, and ADA are three public chain tokens whose prices have risen, slowly eroding bitcoin’s market share. In the past week, we have witnessed the carnival of altcoins. It is the rise of other public chains that ushered in the historical high of BTC, rather than BTC hitting the $50,000 mark once more.

The NFT Summer continues to be popular, and Loot turned out to be both text and modular. Within the past week, NFT avatars reached new highs. NFT avatar purchased by NBA star Curry spurred trending discussion. The NFT avatars, however, will collapse within 20 days, according to Jiang Zhuoer. Does the prediction stand a chance of coming true? This will be revealed by the market. Keep an eye on ALPEX updates for more information.

In an update from the marketing department, a major upgrade of the homepage of the official website platform was brainstormed by the ALPEX team and ensuring that it runs smoothly and with high quality moving forward will be the priority.

Moreover, a content calendar has been developed by ALPEX that will ensure efficient and orderly work. The team has met to devise strategies and implement plans for the future so that the content calendar can be improved. Lastly, APLEX articles were published on the Chinese blockchain-based news platform Mars Finance.

Social Media Updates:
· Twitter: 4,622 followers; 37 likes
· Facebook:11,645 followers; 11,143 likes
· LinkedIn: 10,694 followers;193 likes
· Instagram:11,460 followers;17 likes
· EN and CN Telegram Community: EN followers:2,050 , CN followers:10,224
EN and CN Telegram Announcement: EN followers:1,565 , CN followers: 2,008

News from ALPEX members:
ALPEX customer service staff communicates effectively with customers and handles difficult problems
efficiently. These are some of the questions users asked this week:

1. How do I apply to become one of your agencies?
RE: Dear ALPEX User, Please be advised that ALPEX has not yet launched a formal plan to cooperate with contract agencies. You can always stay on top of our latest updates by visiting our official website. It will be displayed in the announcement section. This is the official website:

2. Why has the deposit not been credited to the account yet?
RE: Dear ALPEX User, We will check the progress of the withdrawal for you if you provide your UID. We appreciate your cooperation!

3. How do I view the records of deposits and withdrawals?
RE: Dear ALPEX User, You can check the deposit and withdrawal options in the assets under the APP. Thank you for your inquiry!

4. The withdrawal speed is too slow; can it be reviewed soon?
RE: Dear ALPEX User, Providing your UID will allow us to check the withdrawal progress for you. We appreciate your cooperation!

5. How to set up a payment method?
RE: Dear ALPEX User, On the APP homepage, click [Fiat currency transaction] to access the fiat currency transaction page. On the fiat currency transaction page, click […] (three dots) on the upper right, and select [Receive payment] in the drop-down box click Submit application settings.

6. Can margin credit be used?
RE: Dear ALPEX User, At the moment, our platform’s margin credit mechanism has been stopped, but you can still access the official website via the following link:
Subscribe to ALPEX official announcement to learn more about reward mechanisms.

7. Is there a time limit for withdrawing?
RE: Dear ALPEX User, withdrawals are not permitted between 2 pm and 8 pm Beijing time every day.

8. How to deposit in a fiat currency transaction?
RE: Dear ALPEX User, Login to our official platform, click [Fiat currency transaction], enter the currency quantity or amount, and follow the pop-ups to complete the deposit.

9. Why do I fail to deposit in OTC transactions?
RE: Dear ALPEX User, If you provide your UID and payment voucher, we will check it for you.

10. Why is my bank card frozen?
RE: Dear ALPEX User, Please provide the following information if you believe your bank card has been frozen.

1. Freeze units
2. Reasons for freezing
3. Freeze date
4. Frozen amount
5. Freeze time limit
6. Bank name
7. Bank card number

Lastly,users with other questions can log into the ALPEX official website and mobile app to find answers in the “Help Center” section. Please send us an email at if your questions are not answered on the page to consult our customer service staff.

ALPEX Team Update

Our strategy for growth and talent acquisition continues. In the last week, we have again been busy on-boarding new team members, although we still have many more vacancies to fill.

If you would like to be part of the future of digital asset trading, then we would love to hear from you. Just send your CV, along with a covering letter to:

Thank you for reading our latest newsletter and for continuing to be a part of the ALPEX family. We look forward to bringing you more important updates again next week!





ALPEX is a globally renowned digital asset spot and derivatives trading platform, aiming to provide the most innovative, professional, smooth, transparent and trustworthy digital asset trading services for traders worldwide.

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ALPEX is a cutting-edge digital asset and derivatives trading platform, created to provide the world’s best and most secure online trading experience.

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